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Sept 15th The McKnight Center ~ OK State University ~ Stillwater ~ OK


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Date | Friday, September 15, 2023
Time | 7:30 p.m.
Venue | Performance Hall


21 single tickets remain available 



Singer-songwriter Scotty McCreery has been called “timeless” and “flawless” (Taste of Country) with a “rich, resonant voice” (Billboard). The Academy of Country Music award-winning singer/songwriter has earned five consecutive No.1 hits, including his signature songs “Five More Minutes” and “Damn Strait.

Pep Rally Event Series

This concert is part of The McKnight Center's Pep Rally Event Series. Three diverse and thrilling performances are scheduled for the Friday before Oklahoma State University Cowboy Football home games. Enjoy a pre-performance tailgate party in our outdoor plaza, then head inside to experience some of the top artists in the entertainment industry. Make the Pep Rally event series an exciting part of your family's football tradition.

🎶  Pep Rally events include Scotty McCreery, Chris Botti , and Postmodern Jukebox  🎶


Schedule of Events

5:00 PM - 4th Avenue Parking Garage opens for McKnight Center guests, Food Trucks open
6:15 PM - Pep Rally entertainment begins on the Plaza, hosted by Chuck Lester, Voice of the Cowboy Marching Band
7:00 PM - Performance Hall doors open
7:30 PM - Scotty McCreery concert begins in the Performance Hall for ticketed guests, live concert simulcast begins on the Plaza

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 · Stillwater, OK  · 
This is for Charisma Howell and her love for the olden golden country music by handsome Scotty McCreery!!! ❤️ 🎶 🎼


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Kenzie Kraich 



While Scotty McCreery was the main reason for the abundance of Pokes coming together the night of Sept. 15, the environment created earlier that evening through the McKnight Center’s pep rally was a close second.

With appearances from OSU’s marching band, women’s basketball team, men’s basketball team and the equestrian team, the plaza possessed an electrifying energy to prepare people for the concert. With drinks flowing and food trucks supplying, the atmosphere leading up to the highly anticipated McCreery concert was one from a movie.  

As concert goers began to fill the seats of the McKnight Center, the buzz continued to grow from whispers to cheers. When the houselights began to dim and a famous face took the stage, the community in the McKnight Center became one identity present to soak in the “homey atmosphere” as junior, Mackenzie Steele said.





Scotty McCreery may not be considered a household name, but it was evident Friday night that he has plenty of fans in Stillwater. From kids in diapers to some of the oldest alumni OSU has, the McKnight Center sold every seat in the auditorium.  

Opening with his famous "In Between" from his 2018 album Seasons Change, McCreery captured the eyes, ears and hearts of every fan in the theatre.

Not only did his voice fill every crevice in the McKnight theatre, but so did the stage lighting. The colors and flashes from the lighting system were a fan favorite.

Steele said compared the show to “something you would see at an arena like the Chesapeake."

While the Chesapeake might seat a few thousand more than the McKnight Center, the community is unmatched.  


McCreery continued to hold the attention of the theatre by playing a variety of his content. Assumed fan favorites "Feelin’ It," "It Matters to Her," "See You Tonight" and "You Time" created a cohesive environment, getting everyone dancing in their seats and singing with their hearts.

Two of McCreery’s biggest hits that had people out of their seats included "Damn Strait" and "This is It," both No. 1 hits on the Billboard Country chart.  

The concert ran for a slim 60 minutes before McCreery said his goodbyes to the audience and exited stage left. However, the fans in Stillwater were not leaving without an encore.

After 90 seconds of continual cheering, McCreery took the stage once again; no band, no stage lights, just a man and his guitar.

As the strings began to piece the song "Five More Minutes" together, the audience in the McKnight Center erupted as if this song was the one they paid to listen to.


Once the last chord played, McCreery explained his love for traditional country music. He shared the love with OSU and took to the stage with his band for the next 25 minutes, playing songs from classic artists including Randy Travis, George Strait, Johnny Cash, Randy Jackson, and a Stillwater fan favorite and OSU alumnus, Garth Brooks.  

As the final song ended, the McKnight Center was filled with cheers, screams and applause. Many students found their expectations for the concert exceeded. OSU student Emily Orme said she was “blown away” by McCreery’s performance as well as the McKnight Center’s acoustics and stage lighting, making her experience one she will not forget.  



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