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Pick Duets for Season 21 and Season 23's Top 8


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Girl Named Tom & Gina Miles (Indie Folk vibes)

Wendy Moten & Holly Brand (No one Else could sing with Wendy)

Paris Winningham & NOIVAS (countryish big singers)

Hailey Mia & Ryley Tate Wilson (young and so good)

Jershika Maple & D Smooth (runs for daysss)

Joshua Vaccanti & Sorelle (Broadway Theathre Vibes)

Jim and Sasha Allen & Ray Uriel (default and my two least favs)

Lana Scott & Grace West (country girls)

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Girl Named Tom and Holly Brand

Wendy Moten and D. Smooth

Paris Winningham and Ray Uriel

Hailey Mia and Gina Miles

Jershika Maple and NOIVAS

Jim and Sasha Allen and Sorelle

Lana Scott and Grace West

Joshua Vacanti and Ryley Tate Wilson

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