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Pick Duets from S20 and S21


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I'm not including Corey since he got the wildcard vote



Gihanna Zoe and Hailey Mia

Kenzie Wheeler and Lana Scott

Rachel Mac and Girl Named Tom

Dana Monique and Jershika Maple

Pia Renee and Jim and Sasha

Victor Solomon and Paris Winningham

Jordan Matthew Young and Joshua Vacanti

Cam Anthony and Wendy Moten

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Cut Corey Due To IS 


1. Cam Anthony & Joshua Vacanti (Male Powerhouses)

2. Kenzie Wheeler & Lana Scott (Classic Country Singers)

3. Jordan Matthew Young & Jim and Sasha Allen (Southern Rockers)

4. Rachel Mac & Girl Named Tom (Rachel and Bekah Both Have Angelic Tones)

5. Victor Solomon & Paris Winningham (R&B/Soul Guys)

6. Gihanna Zoë & Hailey Mia (Young R&B Girls)

7. Dana Monique & Wendy Moten (R&B Powerhouse Queens)

8. Pia Reneé & Jershika Maple (By Default)

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