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May 27th Margaretaville Paradise Theater ~ Bossier City ~ LA


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Suzie gets to clap and cheer for Spence tonight . Tyler and Nikki Peppard will also be joining us . Jan Barton along with Loretta and Mike Cammack will also be driving in . Scotty is to perform in Bossier City at Margaritaville tonight .
Scotty McCreery is an amazing artist and a great leader to Spence and the rest of the band. When they travel it’s usually all night so that they can sound check and chill out a little before the concert . Hopefully we can hook up with him for just a bit before they play , we are very excited .
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Spence introduced his parents to the famous bus driver WC ......with Scotty still.....


This is WC who drives one of Scotty’s buss’s. We were so honored to meet him and hear all his great stories. . He came out of retirement to drive for Scottys group , and he is a pro . He drove for ZZTOP for years , for Opra for Led Zeplin, for Jimmy Hendricks , Charlie Daniels , Justin Beaver and the list goes on and on and on. After 50 years of touring he decided to retire until he heard about a great young artist named Scotty McCreery, so he signed up. As many miles as they are on the road you have to have the best at the wheel, and WC is the best .
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See You Tonight





Suzie Peppard, Tyler Peppard, Nikki Peppard watching Spence Peppard play with Scotty McCreery in Bossier City tonight.
It Matters To her 
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