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Keaton Kermode Fan Thread

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Small-town country boy turned dancer, a tale as old as time....


Patrick Swayze look-a-like coming from a football background:


It's Keaton Kermode, smashing it on the field and on stage!














Week 1: Contemporary with Alexis Warr





Keaton has showcased a great combination of strength, fluidity and partnering skills that will take him far in the competition for sure.

Let's show some support for this phenomenal dancer! Lemme know if you want to get added!


1. zyanazur

2. Elliott

3. Erestor

4. buffmetube




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Add me!


Also I'd suggest just linking to the videos with his routines rather than actually embedding them, because IDF pages tend to slow down with too many videos on them. :haha:

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Keaton did so well in his Cha-Cha last week! He performed the hell out of it and was such a reliable partner for Alexis! Also excellent choice on the costume designers' part with the shirt (or lack thereof). 😇

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Can I just say power couple of the season!? Alexis and Keaton are complementing each other beautifully whether it's delivering some emotional Contemporary or some sexy Ballroom. Fingers crossed they will be paired up together soon, hopefully in the finale!

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