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June 10th Renfro Valley Center ~ Kentucky


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Eight Daze Sober
Special acoustic appearance.

FREE full band appearance after the show next door at OBT Venue!


 Doors: 6pm Show: 7pm

Very limited tickets available






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It’s no secret that Kentucky is a prime area of the U.S. for producing and enjoying old-time country music. A large part of the country music legacy for the bluegrass region has been the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center..

Renfro Valley is a 55-acre complex located in Mt. Vernon, in south central Kentucky.




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Video 1 - old country music - One of the best concerts ever at the Scotty McCreery concert in the third row center of stage at RENFRO VALLEY
FB ..over 100 photos of Scotty .. (I think Scotty  made a new fan last night) 🔥
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To say I love this man is such an understatement! This man has my whole heart and everything apart of me. Scotty McCreery has been my all time favorite country music singer for the last 11 years and will continue to be! Tonight was by far the best night of my life! I’m incredibly grateful for my mom and sister for getting me these tickets. My dreams came true once again to see this man in concert! The next dream I have is meeting him. Oh and by the way, he touched my hand and pointed at me twice. I was definitely on cloud nine and might have cried at the end! ❤️❤️
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Instagram Account of Marcus Amos ...        https://www.instagram.com/marcus.amos.75/


I posted  (above) some of his pics /videos from Facebook ..he has continued to post photos ..and new videos on his IG account   It'll Grow On ya.   You Time ..5MM   etc




Listening to his videos with my ear buds on ,I actually see no problems with the sound system that someone was complaining about ( as well as everything else!!) 

I have definately heard far worse......😜

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