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Who do you think is going to make the finale?


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I preferred when the top 3 make it in the finale, the bottom two are instantly eliminated, and the middle three compete. 

I want Jershika, Girl Named Tom, Wendy, Paris, and Joshua in the finale. They are much better than the others. Joshua is so unique. We've never had a theater style artist. Holly deserved to be in the finale, and Jeremy should've made the semis I was mad that she went home in favor of a country artist and someone not even in high school yet. If student-athletes have rules curbing early recruiting, why can't student-musicians?

I wanted Jim and Sasha, Hailey, and Lana in the bottom three last week and Jim/Sasha winning the instant save.

A dup/group has never won before and GNT may be the first to win. 

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