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  1. I preferred when the top 3 make it in the finale, the bottom two are instantly eliminated, and the middle three compete. I want Jershika, Girl Named Tom, Wendy, Paris, and Joshua in the finale. They are much better than the others. Joshua is so unique. We've never had a theater style artist. Holly deserved to be in the finale, and Jeremy should've made the semis I was mad that she went home in favor of a country artist and someone not even in high school yet. If student-athletes have rules curbing early recruiting, why can't student-musicians? I wanted Jim and Sasha, Hailey, and Lana in the bottom three last week and Jim/Sasha winning the instant save. A dup/group has never won before and GNT may be the first to win.
  2. Jershika and Lana should advance. They are much more serious singers. We need a minimum age of 18 (maybe even 19 as that's the age of majority in two states), with a high school diploma/GED mandatory so school comes first. Kids need to just be kids and be out of the spotlight until they are legal adults. Plus, they would be much better singers at 19 than at 14.
  3. I would like to see Lana, Hailey, and Holly in the bottom three with Jeremy winning the instant save.
  4. This is what I want to see, but I don't think it will happen: (instant saves in bold) Top 13 Bottom Three: Joshua, Hailey, Lana Top 11 Bottom Two: Lana, Ryleigh Top 10 Bottom Three: Ryleigh, Shadale, Gymani Semifinals: Instantly Eliminated: Jershika, Jim and Sasha Middle Three: Gymani, Jeremy, Paris Finale: Fourth Place: Holly Third Place: Paris Runner-Up: Wendy Winner: Girl Named Tom (would be the first duo/trio to win)
  5. She'll probably be eliminated in the top 11 or top 13. This season is stacked. It should be GNT, Wendy, Holly, Jeremy, and Paris in the finale, with Paris winning the instant save. Either Wendy or GNT will win this season.
  6. Her stage presence was incredible. I gave her 10 votes because of it!
  7. Vaughn should've won that save. How did he lose in the battles? Hailey is way too young and has time to develop. She should've been eliminated in the Battles. Joshua was too pitchy in the Blinds. I hope it's not like seasons 14, 15, and 19 where a young teenager wins based on popularity and cuteness. Minimum age should be 18+. 21+ is preferred
  8. I dislike under-18s on the show. It should be adults-only. Teens aren't fully grown vocally yet and need to focus more on school, friendships, extracurriculars, college applications, jobs (older teens, usually 16+), etc., so I want Katie to stay and Hailey to go home. Katie's also a mom, and I think only a few artists who are also a mom/dad have won before.
  9. Me too. She is young and can make it far when she's older and done with school.
  10. I hope Katie makes it. I voted for her. Hailey wasn't that great. She needs to go home
  11. Same here. I voted for Katie since she has a similar range to mine, and Gymani is in the same genre as me, but she has a higher range than I do. (I sang alto 1 in choir, but I'm trying to work on my upper and lower ranges).
  12. If the main show was to allow kids, anyone under 16 shouldn't be allowed, and for ages 16-18, there should be some guidelines to protect the well-being of teens. The reasoning behind this is that younger kids are crying if they don't win, and by age 16, kids should be mature enough to compete and understand the reasoning behind being eliminated. Some examples of regulations regarding well-being should be: A parent/legal guardian must be present at all times. Family should be allowed to attend in-person backstage at the Blind Auditions, and allowed priority seating at other rounds for all contestants. A licensed, board-certified psychologist specializing in kids/teens must be in the facility at all times. The minor must have a physical signed by a pediatrician or primary care physician stating that the minor is physically healthy enough to compete. The minor must have a psychological evaluation stating that the minor is mentally healthy enough to handle the pressure. There should be no history of major anxiety, depression, or other major mental disorders. And to protect the education of minors, some guidelines should be: The minor must have a verification of enrollment form signed by the school. The minor must receive permission from all of his/her teachers, as well as his/her counselor, the principal, and the Superintendent (if missing a significant amount of class time). The minor should also be required to be passing all of his/her classes, have no major disciplinary record (such as suspension, expulsion, or alternative school), and be in attendance at least 90% of the time the class is offered. Filming for the early rounds should not take place during school hours. If the minor graduates high school before turning 18, then a copy of his/her high school diploma/GED should be required instead of above documentation.
  13. Agreed. There should be a separate kids' show and the age groupings should be separated as well (ie, a 10-year-old shouldn't be competing against a 16-year-old), such as Littles (ages 8-9), Pre-Teen (10-12), Junior Teen (ages 13-15), Senior Teen (ages 16-17), and Young Adult (ages 18-20), and main show should be 21+. Boys and girls should also be separated to create more fairness (this wouldn't be an issue in the younger age divisions, but in the older divisions, boys and girls have very different voices). It would be more fair and more fun for kids/young adults to compete against other singers their own age and gender.
  14. The Voice season 18 winner was in his 40s when he was discovered. The maximum age needs to go, but the minimum age needs to be raised to 18 with either a high school diploma or a GED (proof of school completion).
  15. I believe that kids shouldn't be competing. According to this website, the singing voice isn't fully developed until around ages 18 and 21. This is because the voice stabilizes since the vocal folds and larynx have reached full growth. The current minimum age is 15. Around that age (especially for boys), the voice starts to change due to hormones. With boys, the larynx and vocal folds grow larger, which causes the voice to become deeper. My choir director told me that she has seen some boys who were tenors as freshmen change to basses as juniors. There are also some girls who are "late bloomers." My director told me that I was one of them as I noticed changes from ages 16-17 and again around age 18. I started to develop vibrato in my middle range around my 18th birthday. A high school diploma or GED should also be required, and a college degree should be preferred. This would mean that the contestant would be finished with the required education and would not be missing too much class time (especially during Lives) to compete. Also, there should be a ban on contestants who have a degree in vocal performance, musical theater, choral music education, or other related fields or who made All-State choir within three years of their audition. These contestants would have received extensive vocal training and would be unfair to amateurs who only had training as a child in choir, theater, and/or private vocal lessons or who are self-taught.
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