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No Cover, new reality singing competition

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18 hours ago, Dany said:



So a new reality TV show (?) Well they are filming for TV but I could not find it they sold it to any network.


It only original song rock band competiton.




Might be interesting if it's shown somewhere. 




Yeah this sounds cool I would watch it for sure. The Voice never really has rock artists and if they do its just 1 so I do think they lack representation so I am here for this.

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Most of the info is in the FAQ hidden at the bottom of the page


The filming of No Cover will take place between Monday, December 7, 2020 and Friday, December 18, 2020.


So they will film everything in 2 weeks


The competition will be set up tournament bracket style. There will be up to 5 bands performing each day of filming. Your band has 20 minutes to set up, plug in and play. No soundchecks, only line checks.


The selected bands/artists that are asked to be on No Cover will cover their own travel and lodging to Los Angeles for filming, no exceptions.


:unsure:Ouch they will have to pay for their own travel and lodging. 


Judges Votes: Each episode there will be 5 judges. Judges are pre-selected by the producers of No Cover and are renowned musicians in their own right.


The identity of the judges is public knowledge. Judge votes will be available to the public.


Each artist will receive a one (1) song performance, not to exceed 5 minutes. You should pre-plan your sets accordingly. Set-times are strictly enforced. If you advance, you will repeat this process for the next two rounds.


Deductions: For each minute your band is delayed in setting up and playing, you will be deducted a point by the judges. This is a substantial deduction and could drastically change the night’s outcome. 


If you waste your 5 minutes of performance time, you are immediately disqualified, and subject to the stage manager grabbing you with the hook.:lmao:



Bands are forbidden to perform a cover song. A parody is also considered a cover. Any performance including even a small section from a cover or parodied song, is considered a cover and your band would be disqualified.


The final outcome of the Judges’ voting will be final. The top score a band can receive from a judge is 11 for a max score of 55. Bands will be judged on five factors (originality, appearance, performance, songwriting and the “it” factor.)


We will tally the Judges’ votes each episode and announce who advances during the broadcast. The results will be read from the stage from the No Cover hosts.


I want to see this. They haven't annonce who is the broadcaster or if they found someone to broadcast it. 


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