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McLaina (Scotty and Lauren)


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They were 2 of my favorites in that season as well and I still keep up with their music (more so Lauren than Scotty).


A lot of people hated them as the final 2, but they are 2 of the most successful alums to come from the show, especially in recent seasons. The fact both still have strong careers going today says something. 


I don't know if they ever actually dated, I think they were just close because they spent so much time together on the show and also had to go to school together. At a certain point they were the only 2 minors left, so that kind of made them stick together automatically, both also had their moms with them. When Lauren kissed Scotty after his winning moment, she said that she was dared to do it by a crew member I think. I don't remember exactly what the details were but she said later on she was talking about it with someone from the crew and they dared her to kiss him if he won or something like that. A lot of people thought they were dating because of that moment, but it was really just a joke. At least according to Lauren, anyway.


It's crazy to think Scotty is married now and Lauren was previously engaged. Whether or not they ever dated doesn't really matter at this point because clearly both have moved on. I like that they occasionally still see each other at events and stuff, I think they are just really close friends and still support each other's music every now and then.

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You bring up a good point. I think as far as final 2’s go, these two are the most successful in terms of still being relevant today. Some will argue Ruben and Clay were more successful, but those two really aren’t doing much these days, and haven’t been relevant for at least the last 10 or so years (besides Clay running for Congress and losing). But really, I can’t think of another final 2 where both of them are still relevant today like these two. I guess it helped that they were young on the show and are only in their 20s now- the age where most music careers barely begin to take off, at least in country music. 

But yeah, it’s crazy to think Scotty is married and Lauren was engaged at one point. I know it doesn’t matter at this point whether they dated, but I was feeling particularly nostalgic with these two. I always laughed at the fans who were mad when Scotty got engaged and it wasn’t to Lauren (yes there were still people out there who were shipping them). 

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