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Is it weird that I find everyone in the top 32, at least a little enjoyable?


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Honestly even the top 48 was at least a little enjoyable. Usually in the past I usually didn’t like at least one or more of the top 48 due to one of the following reasons:


1. Too overhyped-maybe they were good, but not great as either IDF or America, or in some rare cases both made them out to be. It’s not really a good reason for me not liking a contestant, but overhype (just like over criticism) can get tiring if it’s too much. 


2. Genre-Sure they’re talented and enjoyable for people who enjoy them but anyone who’s read my posts in the last few seasons, I’m not usually a big fan of indie male singers. Also, country singers are usually a hit or miss for me. To me the indie male singers, like Thunderstorm, are either really enjoyable or somewhat enjoyable And this season’s country singers are not the typical country singer which provides at least a little enjoyability. For example Todd has a unique tone, Even Cam(even though he was good, was likely the weakest country singer of the top 32), was enjoyable to his unique “campfire” vibe. 

3. Too “technical”-Sure they have the ability  to have WOW moments, but in my opinion technical talent isn’t everything. Yes the show is called “The Voice”. But in my opinion, it’s also the subjective qualities in their voice like if I feel emotion, and also what they do with their voice besides hitting every note perfectly and staying on pitch 100% of the time.  To me the technically best singers (Cedrice, Toniesha, and arguably these: Thunderstorm, Joei, Zan, and Todd Michael) are at least somewhat enjoyable if not really enjoyable, so that’s why I’m not annoyed at any of these singers.


4.  Too “green”/inexperienced-in some cases, this can be a good thing at the auditions, especially if they improve. In other cases, it could be part of a contestant’s charm consistently throughout their performances. In the rest of the cases, it can be frustrating, especially if they last longer than your favorites or someone who’s technically better (if you prefer them to the inexperienced singer). But even the “green” singers most, if not all of which were eliminated in battles or the first KO round, this season, were at least somewhat enjoyable. 


5. Overdone song choices.-Sure is they have a really pleasant tone or appeal in their performances, I can over look it, but sometimes even pre-favs get tiring. MOST song choices this season are surprisingly good as of now. 

But this season, I can enjoy people, at least a little bit.Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any snowflakes at the beginning (although Megan may be after her amazing KO, as well as Cedrice for being consistently amazing, and the verdict is still out on Samantha and a few other contestants, and who knows who’ll surprise us on the playoffs, if they decide to either post pone, or preferably do the living room playoff version). 

Is it strange I don’t have a true “least favorite”?



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But hating on someone is like part of the fun in The Voice <3.


I'm joking. Kind of. I disagree tho, cause I definetly had some people that I hated this season.


Good point about the song choices, although I didn't like some of them, there were some new songs thrown which was pleasant to see and hear.


But it's my subjective point and it's cool to see someone really enjoying this season.

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