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Strictly Come Dancing 2020 game


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Used to do these over on Digital Spy before I shut down my account there (best decision ever BTW).


Welcome to my Strictly 2020 game. I don't think that fantasy games are usually done on here (maybe they were on the old IDF and have all been deleted, IDK) but f*ck it, I need something to do if I end up stuck in my house because of COVID-19.


So, the format is basically the same as the usual show except that I am the one running it. I have 16 celebrity contestants (8 men and 8 women) paired up with professional dancers - 15 mixed gender pairings and 1 male-male same sex partnership. The competition lasts for 13 weeks and you get to do all of the voting.


The voting system will be as follows - rank all of the contestants. Your top choice gets 16 points, 2nd gets 15 points, 3rd gets 14 points...all the way to your bottom choice who gets 1 point. The two celebs in the bottom two will go up against each other in a side by side dance off of the same dance style and to the same music. You then get to vote the couple that goes through. This type of voting system is effective - I feel that it would have helped DWTS avoid B*bby B*nes winning, he would have had his share of 1st place votes but also a lot of 4th place votes, not a lot of 2nd. Would have also prevented some of the shock eliminations last year on SCD and would have prevented Mike making it so far (although unlike most viewers, I kinda liked Mike).


Anyways, let's start the announcements with the pro lineupQuite a few changes in store there.

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Returning professional dancers:

  • AJ Pritchard (3-time semi finalist)
  • Aljaž Skorjanec (Series 11 champion)
  • Amy Dowden (Series 17 runner up)
  • Dianne Buswell (Series 16 runner up)
  • Giovanni Pernice (3-time runner up)
  • Gorka Márquez (Series 15 runner up)
  • Johannes Radebe (DWTS South Africa finalist)
  • Katya Jones (Series 15 champion)
  • Luba Mushtuk (2018 Children in Need champion)
  • Nadiya Bychkova (Series 15 quarter-finalist)
  • Nancy Xu (SYTYCD China finalist) - will not partner a celebrity
  • Neil Jones (4-time world Latin champion)
  • Oti Mabuse (Series 17/reigning champion)


Professional dancers not returning will be:


Replacing them will be:

  • Cole Mills (SYTYCD 2018 participant)
  • Giulia Dotta (currently in the semi final of DWTS Ireland)
  • Kai Widdrington (DWTS Ireland Series 2 runner up)
  • Marie Denigot (2-time DALS France finalist)


I'm one male pro down, need a man to join Nancy on the reserve bench. Any suggestions? Only condition is that they can't be an ex SCD pro.

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First male celebrity is Bradley Simpson!


Simpson, 24, is the lead singer of boyband The Vamps and also plays the guitar. He is 5ft7.


Our first female celebrity is Lucy Fallon!


Fallon, 24, was part of ITV soap opera Coronation Street from 2015 until 2020. She is 5ft3.

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39 minutes ago, Ariel1989 said:

SYTYCD fans refer to him as Daddy Kiki 😍


He was indeed part of the first DWTS troupe along with Peta, Tristan and Oksana Platero.  He then went on to do SYTYCD with Jenna as his mentor/partner.  

Interesting. All 3 of them ended up pros eventually (well, Oksana did on SCD). I wonder why Kiki left DWTS and never got promoted.

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8 minutes ago, DWTSFan2001 said:

Interesting. All 3 of them ended up pros eventually (well, Oksana did on SCD). I wonder why Kiki left DWTS and never got promoted.

He was apparently let go after three seasons and Maks and Val were very upset, he was a student and friend of theirs.  They’ve also had other friends and students in the troupe like siblings Nicole and Ted Volynets who were part of the original season 12 troupe with Peta, Tristan, Oksana and Kiki.  Nicole was Peta’s maid-of-honor in her and Maks’ wedding and also Val’s groomswoman his and Jenna’s wedding (Adam Rippon was Jenna’s bridesman).  I’m able to recap the entire history of the DWTS troupe 😂 but I won’t waste your time.  

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Next male celeb is Radio 1 presenter Greg James


James, 34, is the presenter of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show and has worked for Radio 1 since 2007. He is 6ft4.


Next female celeb is CBBC presenter and chef Matilda Ramsay!


Ramsay, 18, is the daughter of Gordon Ramsay. I'm a fan of his but it's safe to say that he'll never do the show so I'll settle for his most well known child. She presents Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch on CBBC and has featured in cooking segments with Gordon. Can't find info on her height but she doesn't look too small next to Gordon and he's quite tall.

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Next male celeb is Zack Morris!


Morris, 21, has been playing the role of Keegan Baker in BBC soap opera EastEnders since 2017 and has also done a bit of theatre work. He is 5ft7.


Next female celeb is Kim Woodburn!


Woodburn, 78, is most known as the no-nonsense cleaning expert on How Clean Is Your House?, which aired from 2003 until 2009. Since then, Woodburn has taken on a number of reality TV roles where she has made an impact with her feisty personality. She is 5ft11.

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Next male celeb is Tom Daley!


Daley, 25, is an Olympic diver and has won bronze medals at both London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He is also active on YouTube with 844K subscribers. He is 5ft10.


Next female celeb is Deborah James!


James, 38, is best known as "Bowelbabe". She blogged her journey with bowel cancer and has also written a book "F*** You Cancer: How to Face the Big C, Live Your Life and Still be Yourself". Recently, she announced that she is currently cancer-free. This lineup doesn't have any disabled contestants, but Deborah will be able to provide the inspiring backstory for this game.

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Next female celeb is Bonnie Langford!


Langford, 55, is an actress who has been in the spotlight since the 1970's. She has made appearances on multiple TV show, including EastEnders and has also acted in the West End. She also participated in the first series of Dancing on Ice in 2006, finishing in 3rd place with the highest average score of the series. Plenty of dance experience as well. She is 5ft1.

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  • 2 months later...

A lot has changed in the last 2 months but I'm going to get back to this game and with a slightly different cast (some names I really want and some I can switch).


Pro lineup also immensely different with only 7 of the 18 pros from Strictly 2019 returning and partnering celebs. Two others will be in my new "Troupe". In total, there will be 16 pros and 4 troupe dancers meaning 11 new faces on the show.

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The departing pro dancers are:

  • AJ Pritchard (who is moving on to become the "next Ant & Dec" with his brother)
  • Aljaž Skorjanec
  • Amy Dowden
  • Anton du Beke
  • Graziano di Prima
  • Janette Manrara
  • Karen Hauer
  • Kevin Clifton (who chose to leave for theatre shows)
  • Nadiya Bychkova

Johannes Radebe and Nancy Xu will both return to the show, however will be dancing in the troupe and will not partner a celeb.


The 7 returning pros to be with celeb partners are:

  • Dianne Buswell
  • Giovanni Pernice
  • Gorka Márquez
  • Katya Jones
  • Luba Mushtuk
  • Neil Jones
  • Oti Mabuse
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