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  1. We needed those sorts of judges for the likes of Bachelor Joe, Bones and Spicer. Would have paid plenty of money to see Craig Revel Horwood judging them!
  2. I remember that Carrie Ann came off kinda cold to Kelly on her first dance. Felt bad for Kelly on the first season - a lot of critiques from judges, the whole dance off situation and her partner Alec was also not that enjoyable to train with either - she nicknamed him the "ice man". Not a Val fan but he did a very good job with her in All Stars and I'm glad that she got another chance and did well with it.
  3. I stand by what I said about that season being rigged but you are right that it's happened on other seasons. All-Stars was kinda rigged to get Tony a win - not that Melissa wasn't deserving but the way that season played out was a bit odd. I also think that Val's win with Rumer was kinda rigged also - again, probably deserved on her part but TPTB tried every effort in the book to avoid Noah or Nastia making the Top 2. No doubt been rigged for Derek in the past but the show was so Derek-centric for years anyway. Never happened though with a female pro, they all earned their MBT's without much rigging (albeit Jenna & Witney got theirs with obvious winning candidates). Shame that Sharna didn't get her MBT with Hinch and her legacy got tarnished by it being with MC. That result was probably indirectly rigged.
  4. Something did go on with Maks though as Season 18 was so blatantly rigged to get him a win. I wish we could have seen what Meryl would have done with someone else.
  5. I wouldn't call it "privileged white male tears" - he just seemed like a sore loser regardless of who won. Clearly thought he was the best dancer of the season and hated that the celeb who was bottom of the leaderboard in the first week beat him. Hardly the only person who didn't accept defeat well - didn't Maks once cry in the parking lot after not winning one of his seasons?
  6. Just been through Twitter (#LockdownBoredom) and noticed that Kelvin Fletcher seems to follow a number of far-right accounts. That's before all of his deleted tweets. Oti is obviously due an oldie next series but let's rally to get her a redemption win with someone more likeable the series after that, perhaps even Jamie Laing himself (who I think would be great fun). After all, there has to be at least one other pro who can equal Aliona's record of 2 wins!
  7. She got a very negative reaction when she signed up for the show. From what I know, she's famous for being singer Michael Wendler's girlfriend (I think now fiancée). She's 19 and he's 47 which is very icky (what sane 47 year old dates a teenager?) plus I don't think he has a great reputation himself (he also did the show with Isabel in 2016 and didn't seem to try very hard).
  8. One additional thing - the pro challenge was tonight. Christina & Christian won. That means that they might get to choose their celeb partners next year. As Christina made the final with a ringer this year, hopefully her choice of celeb doesn't come at the cost of either Regina or Marta getting a good one. Christian should probably be fine picking whoever he wants as he was kinda handed the death card with Laura - she could dance but was coming into the show with a very negative reputation and would have probably went early without him and his fanbase.
  9. If they do All Stars 2.0, I don't trust them not to bring certain 'popular' celebs back just like how Bristol Palin ended up in the cast for the 2012 All Star season.
  10. Been working to officially assemble a full cast of 16 celebs (made a couple of last minute changes) and here they are: WOMEN: Maisie Smith - 18 - EastEnders Actress Dina Asher-Smith - 24 - Olympic sprinter Ella Eyre - 26 - Singer Stacey Solomon - 31 - Singer & Loose Women star Michelle Ackerley - 35 - TV Presenter Roisin Conaty - 42 - Comedian Shirlie Kemp - 59 - Wham! Singer Kim Woodburn - 79 - TV Personality MEN: Bradley Simpson - 24 - The Vamps singer Tom Daley - 26 - Olympic diver & YouTuber Dex Lee - 27 - Doctors actor Jamie Laing - 31 - Reality TV Personality Greg James - 34 - Radio presenter Tim Peake - 48 - Astronaut Mark Labbett - 55 - The Chase star Sam Allardyce - 65 - Footballer & manager Went a bit overboard and have 3.5 singers (Stacey is probably more known for Loose Women now) to compensate for having none on Strictly 2019. Thoughts? Who could be a contender? Who is going to be a duffer?
  11. Hi @MarineDynamite - hope you're well. I quit Digital Spy for good back in January and never managed to finish my latest game (so many toxic folks there, happier to have a more positive forum here) but will follow your new game in lurking mode.
  12. OUR FIRST 8 CELEBS: Maisie Smith - 18 - EastEnders Actress Stacey Solomon - 31 - Singer & Loose Women panelist Roisin Conaty - 41 - Comedian Kim Woodburn - 78 - TV Personality Bradley Simpson - 24 - The Vamps singer Tomasz Schafernaker - 41 - Meteorologist Mark Labbett - 54 - The Chase star Sam Allardyce - 65 - Footballer & manager
  13. Thanks for your suggestions @Ariel1989. Been searching and made a decision - the 16th pro will be Hugo Gustafsson, 22, who was on Let's Dance Sweden this year. First Swedish pro (we need another Scandinavian on SCD, last one was Camilla Dallerup, 12 years ago!) and per WDSF, is a ten dancer so will actually know ballroom (I'm a bit dubious on the quality of ballroom from the American trained dancers, ballroom quality is almost always better from European dancers). Our additional troupers will be Nikita Kuzmin from Let's Dance and his professional partner, Nicole Wirt. The troupe will be predominantly Latin dancing given the troupe members - I don't think much of them can dance ballroom well for pros (especially Nikita) but all are very good latin dancers. Time to start releasing the celebs this afternoon!
  14. PRO ANNOUNCEMENT: Excited to announce 8 new professional dancers joining the show, all of whom will be partnering a celebrity: Cole Mills, 27, USA - SYTYCD 2018 participant Craig Shaw, 38, England - Ballroom world champion (I think he's 38/39) Emily Barker, 23, England - 2-time DWTSIRL finalist Giulia Dotta, 28, Italy - DWTSIRL 2020 finalist Jowita Przystał, 26, Poland - The Greatest Dancer 2020 winner Kai Widdrington, 24, England - 2-time DWTSIRL finalist Marie Denigot, 26, France - 2-time DALS finalist Michal Danilczuk, 27, Poland - The Greatest Dancer 2020 winner I may have gotten a few of the ages wrong by a year, feel free to correct if you know otherwise. As you can see, 7 of these new pros have experience on dance-related Reality TV shows before (4 have been successful pros abroad and 3 have came from the talent show world). Craig is a friend of Neil and was suggested by some people on Digital Spy so I've added him as we need a ballroom specialist after some of the recent departures. We have 2 more super troupers to confirm, will announce them later I also am hoping to add a 16th pro in AJ's place. I would have retained him if it wasn't for him wanting to move into presenting so am searching for a new pro of a similar profile. Someone young looking that is proficient in ballroom/latin (would have chosen one of the Let's Dance Germany pros if he knew any ballroom!). There isn't really a 'teen idol' type pro in this lineup (or anyone to dance with a really young celeb) so I need someone to fill AJ's niche. Any suggestions? Need to be aged 18-25.
  15. Celebs and new pros to be announced soon. Which UK celebs do you want to see? I'll take around 3 celebs from your suggestions, could do with a bit of help. Please try to make them B or C listers, I don't really have any A-List celebs in the cast.
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