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  1. It's not working for me here and a New Years resolution is to spend my time more productively than on forums so either a ban or deletion would be perfect. Thanks.
  2. Good luck with the game then - that's me out of IDF permanently. Not wasting one more second of my precious life on a place with this much toxicity and judgement of people.
  3. Does being a Republican = a bad human? I certainly wasn't taught to judge people like that (I'm not on either side) but go for it...
  4. I don't think it should be valid to eliminate people based on their political beliefs though (which has clearly happened in this thread, and in Candace's case, presumed beliefs) - that's as bad as Spicer's fans voting him through each week because of politics. And it's almost as if everyone can only have one opinion and anyone with opposing opinions is a terrible human - that seems judgemental to me.
  5. Surely hate is reserved for criminals, dictators and not a TV dancer? Sorry but some of your comments come across unkind, it's almost as if it's personal.
  6. Is this thread about the worst dancers, worst on show personalities or those deemed problematic?
  7. Not been active on here for a while but Happy New Year all! Quick thoughts on the series: Good that Oti has a win with someone other than KF. Not gonna lie though that I'm bored of her always getting contenders or middlers - she's been on 6 series and never had an obvious early boot. Time for one next series. Bill wasn't my favourite winner ever but he did deserve it as he developed throughout the season, was a decent dancer and gave it his best so I commend him for that and I think a high profile older celeb winning will be good for the show long term (they might be able to b
  8. Interesting... Back to the original network and from what I read, they're trying to get back the old hosts and some of the old judges. I don't think any of our 3 judges from last year will be back - CRH & Sharna are both abroad (Australia is really hard to get into ATM, as Dianne from Strictly has found out) and Tristan is now contracted to Network 10. The pros could probably transfer shows easily, some of them already did do both the Seven & Ten versions. I guess it would be a good way to get some celebs working again given everything that's gone on so many mig
  9. Anyone else not feeling the Nicola & Katya partnership any more? It just feels like the show are trying to avoid them doing any of the 'romantic' styles which is disappointing plus they don't seem like a good personality match. Nicola is your average athlete, a bit tomboyish and a quieter personality whereas Katya is wacky and is best fit with the celebs who are game to try anything (Ed & Mike from her past seasons are prime examples). Maybe she'd have been a better partner for Jason? (talking purely hindsight here). Or either Jamie or HRVY? I wonder if Nicola may have fit
  10. So much for that being Cheryl's winning season - it's been 14 years since she held the MBT and 7 years since she made a finale. I don't think she'll be a pro next season for a number of reasons but I wonder why she hasn't won in 26 seasons?
  11. Sucks for Jason, I think he had more to give. At least his name is out there now and people will have taken notice of his personality so that he can get more work. All the best to him. Not sure what to make of Luba at this point - a first and second boot in a pro's first 2 series is a pretty dismal record. Obviously James was rubbish but I feel that Jason had all the right ingredients to be a good celeb. Saw a couple of people saying that they want her with a ringer next year but I feel that a pro has to earn one and if you can't hack it with a middler, why should you get a ringer
  12. With a score of 12 and a gap of 7 points between him and everyone else, I think Jason is toast. I don't see him having the votes to dig himself out of the dance off in this situation. Luba's choreo hasn't been that good, overall really disappointed in their partnership as I had really high hopes. Scoring was crazy tonight.
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