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  1. Not an Aljaž fan so I hope that doesn't happen. Also dubious if Clara will get the votes - Dev last year was also a good dancer and had journey contestant potential yet went out Week 4. Similar thing with Spoony back in 2006 and pretty much every Radio person has went out early regardless of ability. If nobody catches up to Maisie & HRVY or at least comes close, it could well be one of them. I'd go with Maisie because Gorka is one of the pros who I'd love to get an MBT.
  2. Who do we think will be walking away with the trophy at the end of the season?
  3. I wonder if Jason might be an Emmitt Smith - good at latin (particularly things like Cha Cha), not so much at ballroom. After all, I'm surely not the only person who remembers Emmitt's Week 3 Tango?
  4. Overall thoughts: Jamie - OK, bit under marked based on rest of the routines. Not fond of the choreo but he has some natural movement. Caroline - elegant, nice dancer but she annoyed me a bit. Interested to see her have a go at latin. Max - some mistakes and seemed nervous but generally executed the routine well. Clara - she's great fun. Good mover, good performer. Technique seemed OK but not amazing. Jacqui - I still dread to see her latin but this was OK except for the large amounts of time wasting. JJ - OVERMARKED round 1! Nice Waltz but the judges were s
  5. I'd love Nancy to get a partner but jury is out on what to expect with her choreo and teaching so I don't think putting her with HRVY would have been a good idea. I'm generally wary of complete newbies getting ringers on their first go in case they end up flopping as pros (e.g. Graziano and to a lesser extent, Nadiya and Karen's first seasons). She'll probably get a celeb next year as I think that this is Janette's last series and they've given her HRVY to go out on a high.
  6. Totally agree, a bit annoyed that mega ringer HRVY gets Janette. I wish he'd have got another pro and could have done some really amazing routines since he is talented and I just don't think we'll see that. What a waste, if only Strictly would learn to give the ringers to pros who can get the best out of them. That said, I wonder if their 'styles' may suit. Not a whole lot of ballroom there . On the other hand, I could definitely see a great Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Jive, Charleston, Couple's Choice & Showdance from them. I imagine they'll skip Rumba and will probably do around
  7. Anton doing a routine to Monty Python? Poor Jacqui, I'm really cringing at that routine and I've not even saw it yet.
  8. I'm genuinely curious as to why she deserves a pro spot over those who have danced ballroom & latin since they were kids - Sharna, Cheryl, Peta, Daniella, Jenna, Emma, Lindsay and Witney. We might not like all of them but they are very qualified to be pros on the show. Jenna might not have made it as a full time pro without Val but at least she has a lot of experience in ballroom & latin. That's 8 pros, there will only be 7 spots anyway and presuming that Britt is back, that's only 6 so for Hayley to get a pro spot, neither Lindsay & Witney can return or one of the long termers hav
  9. I see that the #HayleyforPro campaign is starting again... Where is this show's standards? I could at least get why Britt was campaigned for and subsequently hired but what would Hayley bring to the table as a pro?
  10. No final for Amy or Anton this year (and likely not Oti either but who knows with Bill's fanbase?).
  11. Didn't really see it last year - his routines with Alex were pretty dull. Katya did produce a couple of dud routines last year (mainly that awful American Smooth) but she did continue the trend of out of the box routines that get people talking so I don't believe he did all of their choreography. They may have collaborated but I do believe it was her work the whole way. A lot of people still seem to like Katya but there are a select few who still hold kiss-gate against her and make digs along the lines of "she's clearly no longer got Neil's help". She doesn't seem to have a whole l
  12. UGH at this tweet from James Jordan: Does he not realise how this sounds? Why the hell do they need Neil to help them as the first same-sex partnership?
  13. Lots of promising partnerships. Was really looking forward to HRVY and dislike that they gave him Janette as Aston was totally wasted on her and HRVY has so much potential. At least there are plenty of decent ones with other pros - Luba & Dianne both have a shot at doing well this year after their early exits last series. Thank goodness that Gorka got a good celeb, we need more of him. Nicola & Katya will be dynamite. Clara seems good as well, great that Aljaž has a celeb with a bigger personality, seeing him with quiet model types was getting dull. Jacqui was
  14. Can't wait! I heard some chatter about certain pairings but nothing is really confirmed. Exciting to see who has who. 35 mins until the show starts!
  15. We can start with the two dances that scored a minimum score of 4/40: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4X5ozdJVE8 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1127615/I-Dont-Regret-Anything-Mark-Holden-responds-controversy.html & https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/sydney-confidential/while-the-viewers-love-mark-holden-it-appears-like-the-judges-hate-this-whacky-survivor/news-story/3023b0b02d92716a4b92ac74b8502052. There isn't a full video of this dance but these videos cover both the start and end bits.
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