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  1. She sure was! No idea why she didn't get the votes - she has to be one of, if not the most famous celebs to do the show? Always liked her, was bummed when she pulled out of judging DWTS last season. As for Matt - I honestly can't remember much of him. The 30-something male athletes all blend together for me. Good on him for really improving and it seems like Lilia was clearly a great teacher taking both him & Darren to the final.
  2. First ever SCD episode - she danced a Waltz, her segment starts at 39:10.
  3. I wouldn't judge his ability based on one dance though. 16 is nowhere near as bad as 9. Adam was the only of the 3 finalists that year whose routines I've actually watched but I'd have been onboard with a Kylie win as I found it a shame that Carmello did 9 series and never had a single win.
  4. Still should have won his series though - the guy who won that year once earned a Master P level score of 9/30 in one of his dances!
  5. Congrats to Witney! That's awesome that she and Lindsay are having kids around the same time.
  6. I wasn't blown away by Sami's dancing, him winning just shows how poor the standard of DALS 2019 was. Clara was robbed, the others were all mediocre. Sami & Ladji were around what I expected. Elsa & Azize were huge disappointments dance-wise and I didn't even find either of them likeable nor did they have good chemistry with their partners (Denitsa really didn't seem to enjoy that season, she came across much happier with most of her other celebs and I got a vibe that they were a personality mismatch, the 13 year age gap also didn't help though she did get on well with Loïc & Clement). Some of Fauve's choreo was too contemporary IMO, I sometimes wish she would stick more to "meat and potatoes" ballroom and latin steps and not all the extra stuff. Maybe finally getting a duffer at some point will make her do that.
  7. Just say on Digital Spy that DWTSIRL will not be airing next year. I wouldn't really blame it on COVID as Strictly is still running, my guess is that RTE simply don't have the money to run it safely, they already had a tight budget before all of this. How about some of their pros for Strictly or even DWTS Australia?
  8. When I rewatched Season 1, found it hilarious that Lisa Canning blatantly told the contestants (well, mainly Kelly & Evander) that their scores were rubbish. Not here for the Lisa Canning erasure!
  9. That will mark my permanent exit from the show.
  10. Everyone liked Tom, I can't think of much people who like any of the judges, none of those 3 are popular, especially not CAI and Len. Do the producers read the fans opinions?
  11. Now convinced that producer Andrew Llinares has a screw loose.
  12. Ray also danced ballroom as a child. I would argue he was a much bigger ringer than James who was 40 (not old but more limited than a 20 year old and he did get quite badly injured on it) and hadn't been dancing professionally for a while.
  13. It would explain why she left. After the weak ratings of All-Stars, they needed to shake things up and I guess they saw it as a perfect opportunity to try out new pros. Anna T also got cut after S15 and I'm certain that she was cut because she finished in 11th place more times than she made the Top 5. Louis was also axed, and he was already kinda fading out at that point anyway, I don't think TPTB were very invested in him. They were replaced by Lindsay & Sharna who both ended up being very successful as pros. Emma became a pro shortly after and was also very successful. She would have probably been pro in S16 as well if Kym didn't return at the eleventh hour. Maks backed out quite late before that season, my guess is that he refused to partner Lisa for whatever reason (probably desperate for an MBT and he was never that good with weaker dancers anyway) so they called in Gleb. Yes - Ray won DOI twice (his season and the All Stars). Very strong, even better than James Jordan! I didn't watch a whole lot of the show in his day (the whole show was too centered around Torvill & Dean) but have seen his performances on YouTube. It would be nice to see a proper female ringer for once on DOI, pretty much all of the real standouts (Chris, Ray, James, Perri) were men.
  14. Eager to read the Ray Quinn write up. I'm assuming that's for Dancing on Ice?
  15. I think Edyta fit a "niche" as the show's foreign beauty which is why she stuck around for 10 consecutive seasons. Chelsie was a nice person but I just don't think she had much of an impact. Not all pros were in your face but many of them fit a certain "niche" and gained their popularity that way. Ty was the only of Chelsie's partners who went really far. I would bet that she was axed because of Roshon not making the Top 5 (despite being a pretty big ringer) and Helio finishing in 10th place (he wasn't going to win All-Stars but should have at least done better than Kirstie and Bristol). Then again, they had quite a big pro shakeup after All-Stars. They nearly lost about half of the pros from that season.
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