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  1. Maxime Dereymez is also consistently good. And whilst he's guilty of plagiarising choreo, I do really like Christophe Licata and hope that he wins next season.
  2. It's so bad that it's good. Their judges make our judges look sane and seem to score more by their feelings about contestants than by the quality of the dance. I might make a separate thread about the show and link some of it's dances that are on YouTube - since we all need some things to watch if we're stuck at home.
  3. I think that the male pro lineup on the French version is better now, and trust me, that's a bad situation to be in. Hopefully they hire some really good new male pros.
  4. Yikes - didn't think about that. Pretty terrible male pro lineup - even though Kevin & AJ were polarising, they were probably the best teachers of the men and got all of their partners far (bar Kevin with Anneka). I guess that Gorka & Giovanni are now the best on the male side. AJ was very popular with the gays, they'll need another pro like him appearance-wise. That also makes me wonder which pro will do a same-sex partnership if it is a male-male one - I believe that AJ wanted to do it. Whilst Johannes seems fun and an excellent dancer, I really don't want it to be him, I just feel that there's too much risk of him making it into a big deal whereas the other men (bar Anton) probably would treat it like any other partnership.
  5. Really weird that he was initially signed on and then backed out. I wonder what has happened in the past few weeks which has led to him backing out? Maybe he's wanting to follow in his brother's footsteps after seeing his success on Love Island? This impromptu departure and the fact that that his team wrote the statement doesn't reflect well on him - he wouldn't be famous without SCD so really should have wrote the statement himself and saw his contract through. That said, I am sad. He was a good teacher and did well with all of his celebs, even if some weren't that great. Wish he'd made the final just once and had an actual ringer celeb rather than the young middlers. He was also the eye candy of the male cast for me, I wanted him as my partner if I was on the show. Guess I'll need to find a new favourite. Hope his replacement (if there is one) is good. Who will dance with the really young ones now? And yes @Wallace - Gorka MUST have a partner this year!
  6. John has pulled out due to an illness in the family and Loiza has been brought back for another chance. Poor Regina - after the godawful Kerstin last year and and a disappointing series with John this year, she's more than earned a Tijan or Luca next year!
  7. I imagine that they'll get to do Freestyles since they know several days in advance that it is the finale as opposed to the Irish version where the contestants found out a few hours before the show.
  8. Some good news for once!
  9. Our partnerships are revealed: Bradley Simpson & Katya Jones Dr. Christian Jessen & Giulia Dotta Greg James & Nadiya Bychkova Howard Donald & Luba Mushtuk Michael Portillo & Oti Mabuse Peter Crouch & Amy Dowden Tom Daley & Dianne Buswell Zack Morris & Marie Denigot Bonnie Langford & AJ Pritchard Deborah James & Kai Widdrington Dina Asher-Smith & Johannes Radebe Fatima Whitbread & Cole Mills Kim Woodburn & Aljaž Skorjanec Lucy Fallon & Gorka Márquez Matilda Ramsay & Giovanni Pernice Roisin Conaty & Neil Jones
  10. Made some last minute changes but here is our official cast (no same-sex pairing sadly)! MEN: Zack Morris - 21 - EastEnders actor Bradley Simpson - 24 - The Vamps singer Tom Daley - 25 - Olympic diver & YouTuber Greg James - 34 - Radio DJ Peter Crouch - 39 - Former footballer Dr. Christian Jessen - 43 - Physician & TV Presenter Howard Donald - 51 - Take That singer Michael Portillo - 66 - Former Politician & journalist WOMEN: Matilda Ramsay - 18 - TV Presenter & chef Dina Asher-Smith - 24 - Olympic sprinter Lucy Fallon - 24 - Actress Deborah James - 38 - Blogger & author Roisin Conaty - 41 - Comedian Bonnie Langford - 55 - Actress Fatima Whitbread - 59 - Former Olympic javelin thrower Kim Woodburn - 77 - TV Personality Who dances with who? I'll release the pairings at 12pm New York time tomorrow. Remember that the pros with celebs are: Amy, Dianne, Katya, Giulia Dotta, Luba, Marie Denigot, Nadiya, Oti and AJ, Aljaž, Cole Mills, Giovanni, Gorka, Johannes, Kai Widdrington, Neil.
  11. I'm not calling a fix or saying that Lottie was an undeserved winner (I like the ringers) but I find it suspicious that she went from two stints in the Bottom Two to winning. If it wasn't "rigged", then I'm guessing that Fr. Ray's votes went to her which would explain everything. Congrats to her though. So, Pasquale has won his first two attempts on the trot, just like Cheryl & Julianne. Well done to him, however, he should definitely count his lucky stars as he's had ringers in both countries (I really believe that a pro ought to pay their dues first before getting a ringer or potential winner). A true test of a pro is how they cope with a duffer - definitely his time for one if he is back next year, let's see how he manages. I wonder if this show returns for a 5th series next year. I still think that the show feels too traditional, it doesn't have the same modern, up-to-date and fun vibe that many other shows in the DWTS franchise have (USA, Australia, France, Germany, even UK). Not connected at all with the judging panel so would like some changes there. Hosts are fine - not as good as Tom on DWTS USA or the Australian hosts, but not as bad as Tess on SCD. Pros are almost all good. There was a bit of a shakeup this year, I don't expect to see any of the former pros back - Curtis has moved onto better things (and he never reached his potential on this show), Valeria & Vitali left to expand their family (they are expecting their 2nd child this year!) and I have no idea what happened to Ksenia but it was announced several months before this series started that she was leaving so I'm guessing that something went down or she quit fairly quickly after the end of Series 3. All of this year's lineup should probably be back. Kylee & Karen both seriously got screwed this year (I get that you need to have some fodder, but in a cast of 5 men, why cast 2 that are absolutely terrible at dancing in every way?), both deserve much better next year. Emily is really due a duffer - all of the other women have had one obvious duffer, she's been quite lucky. Giulia had a duffer last year and a ringer this time, how about a middler next year, someone of Brian's level? Not sure about Laura - given how awful Michael & Fr. Ray were, I don't think she was unlucky getting Brian as a partner so probably isn't front of the queue for someone good. Pasquale definitely due someone rubbish next time and Robert is the weak link of the lineup so hopefully is out or with another duffer. Ryan has had his share of good ones but he doesn't seem to have a good record in the public vote so not sure what is next for him on the show, whilst Kai had Demi last year and I didn't expect Grainne to do well because of models historically doing badly in the public vote. Those two could go either way IMO. John always seems to get older celebs and hasn't had a true ringer yet - time to give him a really young ringer next year? Stephen also deserves someone with potential after being first boot on his first series - ouch. As for other things - keep switch up (I miss it in the USA, was probably scrapped because most of the pros were incapable of handling it maturely), keep trios and team dances. I wish that SCD would adopt those. Cast 6 men and 6 women next time. I'm sure I'll think of something else so might edit this later. Any suggestions from y'all?
  12. Next female celeb is Bonnie Langford! Langford, 55, is an actress who has been in the spotlight since the 1970's. She has made appearances on multiple TV show, including EastEnders and has also acted in the West End. She also participated in the first series of Dancing on Ice in 2006, finishing in 3rd place with the highest average score of the series. Plenty of dance experience as well. She is 5ft1.
  13. Next male celeb is Tom Daley! Daley, 25, is an Olympic diver and has won bronze medals at both London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He is also active on YouTube with 844K subscribers. He is 5ft10. Next female celeb is Deborah James! James, 38, is best known as "Bowelbabe". She blogged her journey with bowel cancer and has also written a book "F*** You Cancer: How to Face the Big C, Live Your Life and Still be Yourself". Recently, she announced that she is currently cancer-free. This lineup doesn't have any disabled contestants, but Deborah will be able to provide the inspiring backstory for this game.
  14. Next male celeb is Zack Morris! Morris, 21, has been playing the role of Keegan Baker in BBC soap opera EastEnders since 2017 and has also done a bit of theatre work. He is 5ft7. Next female celeb is Kim Woodburn! Woodburn, 78, is most known as the no-nonsense cleaning expert on How Clean Is Your House?, which aired from 2003 until 2009. Since then, Woodburn has taken on a number of reality TV roles where she has made an impact with her feisty personality. She is 5ft11.
  15. Next male celeb is Radio 1 presenter Greg James! James, 34, is the presenter of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show and has worked for Radio 1 since 2007. He is 6ft4. Next female celeb is CBBC presenter and chef Matilda Ramsay! Ramsay, 18, is the daughter of Gordon Ramsay. I'm a fan of his but it's safe to say that he'll never do the show so I'll settle for his most well known child. She presents Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch on CBBC and has featured in cooking segments with Gordon. Can't find info on her height but she doesn't look too small next to Gordon and he's quite tall.
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