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  1. Seems like Neil is back on the bench this year: https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/strictlys-neil-jones-devastated-hes-22711288 Shame for him but I think it may have been his comments on his old Instagram page that caused this.
  2. Looks wise, can we believe that Nelly is only 3 years younger than Spicer? Jeannie Mai also looks 10 years younger than her age. She and Brandon were fun, I liked his choreo for the Salsa. Carole was AWFUL. Poor Pasha - he couldn't really hide his disappointment at getting her as a partner, as opposed to Emma who went in the totally opposite direction, a bit bizarre to be so excited by straight 4's. Maybe she doesn't care that much about this season and is perfectly content with a short season so she can get back to Sasha. Nev was a nice surprise and I wonder if the audience may take to him as more of a 'surprise' contender. AJ & Johnny obviously both have potential but I feel that the judges needed to use a wider variety of paddles, I think there was a 5 way tie at 18. Too many 6's given out. Skai probably the highlight of the night for me. The whole show felt a bit too frantic with 15 couples in 2 hours including adverts.
  3. Yay - my live stream is a f*cking hour behind and it's stuck on Wheel of Fortune. Not staying up for this. Enjoy the show all - I'll watch in the morning.
  4. I'd have been more interested in seeing Paul as a pro than Val for the umpteenth time or any more appearances from Gleb whose contract appears to be made of steel.
  5. Apparently Sharna injured her ankle and Brittany Cherry was helping Jesse in rehearsals. From what we know, Sharna is dancing tonight. Bad luck for her getting injuries - first with Hinch and now Jesse. Rumour has it that Brittany Cherry & Paul Karmiryan are the two reserve pros in a similar role to Daniella & Keo last season although their involvement seems to have been kept hidden for some reason.
  6. Just as well that he isn't on the show and we have Monica instead...
  7. 24 hours to go! I've found a live stream to watch it on from the UK so will be tuning in live! :)
  8. If Kaitlyn wins, I believe that would make Artem the 2nd ever pro to win two versions of the show (Kym was the first - winning in Australia and then with Hines on DWTS USA) Artem has Nikki's fans behind him now so I think him making the final is almost guaranteed this season. Johnny & AJ seem like likely finalists. I do think Skai will struggle for votes and wouldn't be surprised if Jesse was the 4th finalist. He could be the 'surprise' contender like James VDB last season and Sharna is a good teacher so anything could happen.
  9. AJ & Cheryl Kaitlyn & Artem Skai & Alan Jesse & Sharna Johnny & Britt Vernon & Peta Monica & Val Nev & Jenna Chrishell & Gleb Jeannie & Brandon Justina & Sasha Anne & Keo Nelly & Daniella Charles & Emma Pasha & his partner
  10. LOL at Lindsay's partner from last season being at the bottom of the rankings every week!
  11. So I just found out that HRVY has worked with Val & Jenna in the past. Pushing the ringer boundary a little bit...
  12. Agree - I really like the look of the set, it's very snazzy.
  13. Aside from being really tall and the oldest guy in the cast, Charles doesn't seem to have a big personality based on his interviews either so he's definitely first out.
  14. . Je ne suis pas contente. Ah well, more important things in my life to worry about than a dance pairing, but I won't be supporting Johnny knowing who he has as a partner. Not willing to give any non ballroom pro a chance regardless if they were campaigned for by fans or increase the levels of diversity on the show. Emma - you should have done Strictly!!!
  15. Couldn't agree more. I don't think Len was the right fit for the show in the past few years - too much of a ballroom purist and was not at all open minded to different interpretations of the dance styles. I think Derek respects the diversity of choreography a lot more than Len does.
  16. I think many pros are most interested in getting the ringers but Gleb is the only one tactless enough to admit it. Still, he should at least put in a bit of effort with the others. Good to see that he's in favour of a same-sex pairing, in that case, we should reverse time and he could have danced with either Lindsay's partner last season or Bonehead.
  17. Anyone know yet about the last two pairings? If Emma gets Charles, she should just quit - 5 celebs over 50 (pretty much all no-hopers) would be my limit if I were a pro, 6 would send me over the edge. It makes me wonder how she would have got on if she stuck with Strictly.
  18. If you need me, I can definitely join the team. I couldn't do it at the start but am available now.
  19. I was thinking Nicola & Karen was a good match but Nicola is 5ft4 and wants a shorter partner so it's either Dianne or Janette. With Nicola's request presumably being honoured, that kinda leaves Karen without an ideal celeb - I can't see her with any of these guys, especially not HRVY. Perhaps this is one series too far for her? Chris would have been a good partner to finish with.
  20. Some pairing ideas: Bill - Oti Jason - Luba JJ - Amy Max - Dianne HRVY - Katya Jamie - Karen Caroline - Neil Jacqui - Aljaž Ranvir - Giovanni Clara - Johannes Nicola - Janette Maisie - Gorka That leaves Nadiya, Graziano and Nancy without partners while Anton could maybe fill-in for Bruno as a judge. I honestly can't see Karen with any of the men and Nicola wants a shorter partner so I just gave her to Jamie as he was the last one left.
  21. AJ & Kevin have already left so there's only 2 male pros to be benched. Business as usual really and I guess that the 2 pros initially scheduled to replace them (Kai no doubt being one of them) will join next series. I think Graziano is guaranteed to be benched and then one of Anton/Aljaž/Johannes which I think will be a tough pick since all have their own appeals. Neil, Gorka & Giovanni should be guaranteed partners due to height. I have an idea for the benched pros, rather than giving them nothing to do - they should go into their own "bubble" and use the time to create extra pro dances, bumpers and perhaps some demos of each of the different styles. Kinda like a mini troupe.
  22. We know all of our male celebs (and Nicola who is dancing with a woman). Any predictions for which female pros get which celebs this year?
  23. Saara doesn't even come close to Perri as a DOI contestant! She's a good skater but he is one of the best ever on DOI (tied with Ray Quinn & James Jordan).
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