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The NGH Report - American Idol 18's Auditions Pt. 4 - "I'm taking it all in!"


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The NGH Report - American Idol 18’s Auditions Pt. 4 - “I’m taking it all in!”


The big announcement this week? Katy is pregnant! This will be an interesting season for sure. I’m sure there is going to be no less than 5,000 random bits about babies this year. I’m sure they will all be incredibly creative and not repetitive whatsoever. I’m kidding. It’s going to be hell.


An absolute hellscape.


Here we go!


Danny La Rota

  • ?? years old
  • AL
  • “Royals”
  • Danny is currently in dental school, and after he received his golden ticket… he seemed stupidly unsure about whether or not he wanted to continue training to be a dentist.
  • His voice is strong, but affected. He has that late 90s alternative pop sound that used to be all the rage. The range is fairly impressive too.
  • If he is smart and has a strategic plan Danny could stick around for a while.




Makayla Phillips

  • 17 years old
  • CA
  • “Who’s Loving You”
  • Makayla is such a pro. Your voice is refined and strong. She has a bit of a Jessica Sanchez vibe. I think she will likely do very well in this competition.
  • Very marketable. Very safe, but that can be a pro to winning this show. See: Laine Hardy.




Devon Alexander

  • 22 years old
  • CA
  • “Not In That Way”
  • Devon is literally just a less polished version of Clark Beckham. It’s the classic white boy blue eyed soul sound.
  • He’s nervous, but he shouldn't be. It’s a good vibe.




Mosean Wilson

  • 23 years old
  • IL
  • “Slip Away”
  • Man, there is just something so infectious about this man’s attitude. He’s genuine, kind, cool, and confident.
  • Also, how many people can confidently stroll into an audience with an old Casio keyboard on your back?
  • Mosean has an incredibly throwback blues sound and this season is really starting to seem like a soul/blues focused event. Lots of singers in this genre!




Faith Becnel

  • years old
  • LA
  • “Lady Marmalade”
  • I have a very hard time taking any contestant seriously when they sing “Lady Marmalade.” It’s a sign that they care very little about activating lyrics and telling a story and they care way more about vocal gymnastics which will do nothing to separate you from the others in this competition unless your vocal level is so out of this world it becomes a focal point.
  • I just have no idea who she is other than a talented singer. That’s a problem.




Kat Luna

  • 19 years old
  • ??
  • “Shallow”
  • Kat and Alejandro come in together since they are in love and a couple. It’s honestly too gooey to handle.
  • They are one of the most attractive couples I have probably ever seen on this show.
  • I think Kat is the better singer. She’s got this great alto husky tone to her voice that can really captivate a room.




Alejandro Garrido

  • 26 years old
  • ??
  • “Shallow”
  • He wants us to call him Space Cowboy and I will @#$%ing not.




Sophia Wackerman

  • 20 years old
  • CA
  • “Water”
  • This was my favorite audition of the episode.
  • Sophia is ready for this. She’s confident, has a great look and a great personality, but also has a very unique tone to her voice. She’s also an instrumentalist. All signs are go for this contestant.
  • Also, her mother sang in The Moody Blues! That type of coolness can’t be beat!
  • She’s a very present singer.




Jimmy Levy

  • 21 years old
  • FL
  • “Wicked Game”
  • His version of this song sounds nothing like the original.
  • He’s a fine singer, but he’s super nervous, and doesn’t seem built for this.
  • He won’t last long.




Olivia Ximines

  • 16 years old
  • CA
  • “Language”
  • On the other hand! Olivia is VERY built for this.
  • She’s young, pretty, and has a voice that seems like it will be able to handle anything.
  • She’s like a young prizefighter! Olivia could grow considerably over the course of this competition.




Marna Michele

  • 27 years old
  • CA
  • “Million Reasons”
  • I think Marna is great, but I’m not positive the judges notes actually helped her here.
  • They took away some of the unique qualities of her tone only to fix a vocal scoop, which is, in my opinion, a really bad trade off.
  • I think Marna could surprise as long as she doesn’t get too in her head.




Zach Dobbins

  • 18 years old
  • WV
  • “Misuse”
  • Luke’s ability to speed tune will always be an amazement to me.
  • I love this show for moments just like this. Some kid from the sticks shows up to audition in front of superstars and actually has something. It’s rough, but it’s there.
  • The question with contestants as raw and authentic as this is… can they hold it together in a competition setting? Can they make adjustments and strategize? Sometimes they surprise, but sometimes they flame out. We shall see!




Ren Patrick

  • 26 years old
  • TX
  • “Dancing On My Own”
  • Following in ABCs Idol tradition of ending the show on a feel good note, we are introduced to Ren who is coming out of an abusive relationship.
  • Her phrasing is unique and she activates the lyrics in a way that makes me think she is an effective storyteller.
  • Vocally, she is strong enough to make the live rounds of the competition, so we should keep an eye on her.




See you next time!



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