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Nov 14th Make It Sweet Tour/Old Dominion


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Definitely enjoyed the @teddysphotos and @georgestrait covers! #shapeofyou #checkyesorno




Video clips/pics





LOL..look at the last video on thise selection...lower right corner looks like Paige Erik and Axel.....Wendy Dugal taking a pic I THINK!! LOL



IPB Image



IPB Image



IPB Image

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Sooooooooo THIS HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?! I was just dancing, singing, and having a good time when a guy behind me taps me on the shoulder and says “Hey girl I like your shirt, would you take a picture with me?” Naturally I throw my purse on the floor and throw my phone at Gigi hahaha. Scotty gave me a hug, I told him he put on a great show, and got a picture with this sweet guy. Loved listening to him since American Idol. Go listen for yourself!! 💜 #scottymccreery



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