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  1. I’m late as hell but J&S getting the PV actually shocked me lmao. I said this weeks ago but Sasha’s social media game is genius, there’s no way they would’ve made it past the first couple weeks without his constant twitter/tiktok/ig posting It makes me wonder if they’ll crack the top 4, especially with the Team Ariana voting split no longer being an issue
  2. I was just reading through the posts I missed, I saw some people complaining about Ryleigh’s song choice and I’m confused? I listened to the recording and she sounds great, and the songs a classic. I just hope she delivers it live…
  3. Ariana stans hate Sasha because he’s a Taylor stan, but they try to cover it up by saying it’s because he’s “annoying” lmao. Him winning PV over Bella & Raquel last week fueled their fire I actually knew him from TikTok before he was on The Voice and he seemed to like Ariana then, so they definitely pulled the “he hated Ariana before” thing out of their ass Stan Twitter is so pathetic
  4. So excited for Hailey. Her tone might be my favorite this entire season
  5. Katie did great, but y’all are right about her mic volume
  6. They set such a high standard for everyone, including themselves
  7. No way in hell will that happen lol. Love both, but GNT is locked
  8. I’m so interested in seeing Arianas voting power, I feel like it’ll be very all or nothing. Ariana stans on twitter keep saying that their fandom sucks at voting, but the overwhelming margin between Vaughn and the other CB artists made me wonder if they’re bluffing. Then again that was also based on twitter rts which is very different
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