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  1. I feel like Harry isn’t far enough behind and he’s making it. Worried for Charity tbh
  2. based on comments he’s made recently, I’m pretty sure he got Love Story which likely means a tango and they’ll likely get 8s for the first time for the plot
  3. Per Artems IG, Harry and Rylee are opening, Ariana and Pasha are closing.
  4. I think Harry’s scoring may keep him from that, but I think he’s at least making semis and could be a finalist upset. The scoring gaps he’s overcome are hard to ignore. He’s probably one of the top vote getters
  5. Everyone wondering how Harry would get a perfect score got their answer: an attempt to save Lele.
  6. Omg Harry and Rylee safe. Yeah they’re making semis at least if they can overcome the repeated score gaps
  7. Mauricio and Emma only shocked it wasn’t Alyson and Sasha. and yeah, Harry and Rylee have FANs …I really hate that we don’t have a true bottom because I really wonder if he is truly even hitting bottom of if they just keep putting him there because he gets the lowest scores and it’s suspense
  8. Well I guess we have another test of Harry and Rylees fanbase tonight. Something tells me he won’t go though.
  9. after 4 weeks of of being one of the top likes AND views despite low scores, I feel pretty confident that Harry is our very possible wildcard finalist a little surprised at the low views for charity this week… thought people would eat her performance up!
  10. Not Harry and Rylees dance becoming a tik tok trend Harry might be Nelly 2.0 ooof
  11. No judges save? Hope y’all are ready for Charity, Ariana, Lele and Xochitl to slay all season long just for Harry and Jason to be the first two finalists called
  12. Well after the hour and 55 minute tribute to Blake, I bet Gina prepared herself for being runner up, she was truly shook to her core when her name was called
  13. Sorry I know you’re upset and probably serious but the “an investigation” took me out
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