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  1. So Here's my thought (Based on the names in the OP list) : Team John : TBA (Samara?) = I'd say Janora Brown because of their not-so-similar names. TBA (Joshua) = Zero clue about him TBA (Kayla? Possibly Keilah Grace) = Keilah Grace TBA (female, "D" name) = No clue Team Ariana : TBA (female; possibly a "K" name vs. Bella) = 80% Kaitlyn Velez , 20% Katie Mortimer (I believe its Katelyn though) Team Blake : TBA (brunette girl, saved in battle vs. Hailey Green) : Lexi Stojack wasn't 100% sure BUT I REALLY do hope its her I just can't see the coaches did not turned their chairs (at least one chair) for her and she's the only brunette girl so far. TBA (female, white) : Lana Scott (she was in the hotel during the battles) TBA (male rocker) : I've been sleeping on Jeff Martinez if the source mentioned "middle-aged male, long hair, rock" he's the only one from the unconfirmed male list that fits the qualifications (at least for me)
  2. So do you guys have any guesses about the 5 females who are still a mystery?
  3. @Someone648is there a possibility that lexi turned a chair and made it to the battles? did any of your sources know anything like tiny lil bit about her?
  4. Hi, just found this girl and I think she’s supposed to be in LA at least for the blinds. Some of the contestant are following her too. Gracie Nourbash https://instagram.com/gnourbs?utm_medium=copy_link Her music page https://instagram.com/gnourbsmusic?utm_medium=copy_link what do y’all think?
  5. Yes absolutely right. I'm so denial about her being out I just want her to be in the competition so bad
  6. I gave the huge circle on that to match out the nails and everything on lexi's previous OOTD pict lmaooo
  7. Hi! I’m new here I have the screenshot but I cant post it here its weird! Btw I’m from Indonesia so I can’t speak English properly but I had been following this page since season 11! I will drop the screenshot to @Bk1234 and let him post here
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