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  1. Thanks so much girl. I do not understand the hype around gihanna. Really. And ryleigh should have chosen Nick. It was not best strategic point to choose Legend.
  2. I got it, never mind. All is clear to me accept this little blond girl, she is nice.
  3. Can someone tell me who continued per teams? It is very exhausting following up, when you rely on youtube only. Thanks.
  4. Wild card representative is also defined per voting number, correct? Also, that means that one of the coaches will have 3 people in team, correct?
  5. How many people makes it to next round per teams? 2?
  6. So, can someone explain me general schedule now? From KO they go directly to live *there is one more KO episode, right*? How many live shows is scheduled until finale? There was like 4-way KO before, also there were some come-back options in seasons before? (I am sorry Gean is out, and I do not understand the hype about Andrew... just to note my confusion...)
  7. https://www.etonline.com/the-voice-season-19-the-top-9-revealed-who-won-the-instant-save-157151 What happened with Sid, the article does not mention him anywhere?
  8. Thanks! Got it. Well, I rooted for Julia anyway. I think she and Laura, or whatever her name is, were really wronged. But, those are the rules.
  9. Can someone update me what happened in 4-way KO? Because we do not see shows, only videos. How did Taryn win? How do you mean Ryan quit? Will there be some secret "returns" or this it it? Because some people that are out deserve to be in more than some that are really in.
  10. Julia, Ryan, Lauren, Taryn... They are all so much better than some that passed forward, like totally forgettable: Madeline, Chloe... (I had to google their names, in my had it is one with yellow suit and the other with pearls... for example)
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