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  1. Is this gonna become a Keenyah bashing lol. Btw I’m hoping that my four favorites are the final four
  2. I like that photo and because of how bad most of those photos ended up, she gets second for me
  3. She only faltered at the final four photo
  4. Week 1: Laura Week 2: Nastasia Week 3: Laura Week 4: Nastasia Week 5: Laura Week 6: Nastasia Week 7: Laura Week 8: Nastasia Week 9: Nastasia Week 10: Nastasia Week 11: Nastasia Final Runway: Nastasia Winner: Nastasia
  5. I already voted for 2, but I don’t mind doing 4, 14, or 16
  6. Join in on crushing Laura and then join next cycle. Btw what seaosn is next? I was hoping for 2
  7. Whoever put Leila below Laura is clearly not thinking straight And Solaris, YOU failed this rankdown
  8. I’m glad Mariah got more time too, but I would’ve sent home Seymone
  9. But over Lulu who is three bad pics in a row? Like Rachel shouldn’t have been first out but Brittany being out in the third week is a travesty
  10. I joined the community late in the previous cycle ranking but ytf were Brittany (13) and Kyle (18) gone so early??? They got screwed by y’all imo
  11. Btw I’m wondering who keeps count of the overall call outs cause I wanna see them if I can
  12. 1. Leila- It’s effortless and breathtaking 2. Brittany- My main problem is the styling and I don’t think she should go yet 3. Nastasia- It’s pretty average for a fragrance ad and I don’t like her eyes in this 4. Laura- I always defend this picture lol but it is the weakest one and she has the weakest portfolio imo Btw Allyssa & Kiara slayed this shoot
  13. Need any help counting up the scores? I can later
  14. 1. Leila 2. Allyssa 3. Nastasia 4. Laura 5. Brittany
  15. 1. Nastasia 2. Laura 3. Allyssa 4. Leila 5. Brittany 6. Kristin
  16. Yay Vic went. No shade to her but that picture sucks so much
  17. I think you can end it, I don’t see anyone else voting
  18. 1. Laura 2. Leila 3. Allyssa 4. Kristin- She’s in her natural state in the photo 5. Brittany 6. Nastasia 7. Victoria
  19. 1. Allyssa- This is not the best picture, let me be clear. But she committed one hundred percent and it does show off what she is doing. Plus I don’t want her to go home yet so I’ll put her at one. 2. Brittany- Best picture of the week and I love it! 3. Nastasia- Great picture from Nas, yet again 4. Kristin- I like her modeling and she does show off the clothes 5. Leila- She showed off the clothes better than being gross but then again, it was a stupid photoshoot so I give her some credit. 6. Victoria- Looks fine but nothing noteworthy. Her expression is good but you don’t really notice the clothes. 7. Laura- She’s not committed and it looks like a Polaroid of a drunk girl moreso than anything model wise. 8. Kiara- Bad photo and she looks dead.
  20. 1. Laura- This photo is so iconic and deserves to be numero uno. 2. Allyssa- I really like Allyssa and this is one of the best photographs so she gets my SCO. The pose and face is great just a little stiff. 3. Brittany- She looks really quirky and has such an improvement from the week before. 4. Nastasia- I like it but she does seem to be short and stiff but I really like the face. 5. Leila- Not great, not bad. She is five solely because I like her and I think her profile is good enough. 6. Victoria- I like the way her face looks in the light but the pose is a bit too awkward. 7. Kiara- She looks stiff but the photo itself is better than two others. The legs are amazing tho. 8. Kristin- Everything is tragic. The angry stare is okay but the pose and everything else is off. The hairstyling is bad but that’s not her fault. 9. Yvonne- It’s just really bad and the worst one of the week and her portfolio is the weakest one.
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