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  1. The Ian and Enzo hate is making me sad, I love them bith
  2. If the rumored cast is the correct cast, I’m gonna be ecstatic for the season. I’m fine with all sixteen! (Xmas and David arent all stars but I’m fine with them)
  3. What time is the draft?
  4. Is this post the show?
  5. 1. Brittany 2. Michelle 3. Kahlen 4. Christina
  6. 1. Michelle 2. Brittany 3. Keenyah 4. Kahlen 5. Christina 6. Tiffany
  7. I will though. Naima shouldn’t be eliminated this week, that’s all.
  8. I’m saving Naima from the bottom two because she shouldn’t be eliminated this week. Tatiana, Christina, Rebecca, Keenyah, and Tiffany are worse models and imo they should go before Naima. The lowest I think Naima could get and I would be okay with is 5th, although I personally believe that spot should go to Christina. Plus Naima won the challenge this week and it wasn’t even close.
  9. 1. Brittany- One of the two good photos this week 2. Michelle- One of the two good photos this week 3. Naima- I’m just saving her from the bottom two 4. Kahlen 5. Tiffany- She gave up this week and I’d rather lose Tiffany than others 6. Tatiana 7. Christina 8. Keenyah- We all know she leavin this week 9. Rebecca Im glad I saved Tati from the bottom two last week.
  10. I don’t get the love for Kahlen’s photo not the hate for Tatiana’s photo
  11. 1. Tatiana 2. Brittany 3. Michelle 4. Naima 5. Kahlen 6. Rebecca 7. Brandy 8. Christina 9. Keenyah 10. Tiffany
  12. 1. Christina 2. Keenyah 3. Michelle 4. Rebecca 5. Brittany 6. Naima 7. Kahlen 8. Brandy 9. Tiffany 10. Noelle 11. Tatiana
  13. I’m fine with just doing it and getting it over with or just eliminating Noelle.
  14. It’s the worst one lol. There’s nothing good about it all, and I’m a Leo so I want it to be good
  15. Lluvy’s main problems was the styling of the net and the makeup. It’s not her fault they freaked her up. Plus I really think Noelle should go so I bumped her up a bit.
  16. 1. Michelle 2. Brittany 3. Lluvy 4. Kahlen 5. Brandy 6. Keenyah 7. Rebecca 8. Christina 9. Naima 10. Tiffany 11. Tatiana 12. Noelle
  17. 1. Tatiana 2. Lluvy 3. Tiffany 4. Keenyah 5. Michelle 6. Rebecca 7. Brittany 8. Naima 9. Noelle 10. Kahlen 11. Brandy 12. Christina 13. Sarah
  18. Just keep Michelle and Brittany at the top at all times and you’ll be doing it right lol.
  19. I love Kahlen a lot but I’m gonna be reasonable with how I rank her because I know people might overrate her a tad bit. She did deserve third/fourth imo. (Btw let’s go Brittany & Michelle- my two faves!!)
  20. 1. Rebecca 2. Naima 3. Michelle 4. Christina 5. Kahlen 6. Sarah 7. Brandy 8. Brittany 9. Keenyah 10. Tiffany 11. Lluvy 12. Noelle 13. Tatiana 14. Brita (I love her but that photo is so bad. Makes me wonder if she got the Kelle treatment of sabotage)
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