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  1. I’m gonna be depressed for the rest of the week, thanks Cody and Grodner Also, Memphis mentioned they used the wheel so maybe there’s some positive. The old schoolers know how to use the wheel, the newbies don’t.
  2. Week 1: Kahlen Week 2: Brittany (both suck) Week 3: Brittany (both are stunning) Week 4: Brittany Week 5: Brittany Week 6: Brittany Week 7: Kahlen Week 8: Kahlen Week 9: Brittany (best picture of the whole damn cycle) Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Brittany Week 11.2: Brittany Final Runway: Kahlen Winner Pick: Brittany
  3. Keesha explained the iconic fight on her (and mine) birthday before and it was so iconic. Also Enzo praises Evel Dick to Dani and her wtf face was hilarious.
  4. Nope. I hate this if they are getting rid of Keesha.
  6. Hopefully bc Memphis wants to protect Kevin and Keesha
  7. Enzo is amazing, stop antagonizing him!!
  8. I saw that Ian might be the one going up and getting evicted. That’s gonna make me sad but Keesha going home will make me depressed.
  9. I like this entire cast. There’s a few that shouldn’t be getting called All Stars (aka David and Flag Day) but im excited for this season. (Just don’t let Keesha go early)
  10. Franzel going into bat for Keesha and Ian is making me stan her
  11. I read somewhere that Janelle decided against playing in it but I’m not fully sure if that’s true
  12. Kahlen was clearly the second best of the cycle
  13. Keesha and Kaysar can NOT go!!! Period!
  14. That’s fine with me but if I have to pick one of those two, I want to keep Day. I’m hoping for David and Christmas to go right away and have the 14 actual All Stars play.
  15. DaVonne can stay, Janelle’s ass can go back to Minnesota
  16. I realized, I was talking to myself and my phone posted it lmao
  17. If it’s easier to volunteer, I’ll do the four person one (if I can choose)
  18. Was Keesha’s claim her bday fight lol
  19. Calling it now: Enzo is gonna remake the Brigade and it’s gonna be him, Cody, Memphis, and Tyler and it’s gonna work for two weeks and then crumble
  20. Photo: 1. Brittany 2. Kahlen 3. Michelle commercial: 1. Brittany 2. Kahlen 3. Michelle
  21. Idk what number I am for the draft, I am taking Keesha and if someone doesn’t like it then we can fight lol
  22. My all time favorite and birthday sharer aka Keesha is back so I’m happy
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