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  1. 13 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

    Thanks to the people reaching out!

    Will post them after all the tapings. For now I’ll say there’s one error from the blind spoilers regarding a contestant’s coach selection but everything’s been cleared up. I’ll discuss that a bit later...

    Who was it?

  2. Hello guys! I will the attending the afternoon and I’ll include spoilers once it’s finished. Keep in kind that if I say that the battle was good or bad, it was my personal preference but I’ll stay as impartial as I can. I will also try to remember what the coaches said and the comments/steals/if there are KO’s/etc.

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  3. Don’t u guys not like it if there’s like a 4 chair turn artist vs. a fodder artist and the fodder artist outshines the 4 chair turn and the coaches still pick the 4-chair turn. That happens so many times so I don’t like how the judges hold on to them like that, or base battle or knockout performances on their audition. 

  4. 3 hours ago, ashwinner said:

    Worth the Wait is definitely good, and I do think the theory that Taryn will go against them is possible. This could possibly be a thing of making them lose the battle and not giving them a steal, almost like a (much deserved) apology to Mikaela lol, but I doubt it.


    I think trios are more divisive, but the Swon Brothers and Hello Sunday each had success in the show, Hello Sunday even likely getting bolstered by their being a "young girls duo." Even though I liked them, they did not deserve to get T6 for sure (although if they had figured out that Chelsea is good on the soft notes and Myla is good on the big notes, they would have deserved T6 for sure, because they individually sounded very good in those respective parts of the songs). 


    Obviously, Worth the Wait will not have that same "young girls duo" factor, but if they are good, they can get far I think. Blake's team does have a few that have the potential to go far, so if Jim, Taryn, and Worth the Wait all reach POs, and they do T2 from each team again, it's likely that Worth the Wait's time will be up then :( 

    Imagine if Jim or Taryn gets eliminated in the battles......

  5. 1 hour ago, TeamAudra said:

    It depends on whether the decision is up to Blake. I don’t understand why they brought in another trio after the blowback against the Bundys. I understand much of that was a due to the unfortunate pairing of three adult singers with a 14 year old girl, but a large portion of the audience just doesn’t appreciate duos and trios being on the show, myself included. 

    I’m a little concerned they’ll pair Taryn with the them, since she actually has a voice big enough to match a trio. Jim could do it too. They don’t always make decisions based on who the best singer is, so nothing is guaranteed in either of those scenarios. 

    Worth the Wait will probably go to PLAYOFFS (or Top 17...we don’t know the format yet) but they won’t get through...unless Blake saves them

  6. 44 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

    Battle Predictions, Version 2.0


    Done this before, but here I go again.


    Team Kelly

    Skylar vs. Emmalee (They're Team KC's younger female artists, so it's likely they'll be put together.)

    Kelsie vs. Marisa (Pop blinds and older than the other female pop artists, so it's likely they'd be better matched from an experience POV.)

    Tanner vs. Madeline (Both went country in the blinds, so they seem to make sense from that standpoint.)

    Eli vs. Opera Guy (I don't know who to put Eli with, so Opera guy it is.)

    DeSz vs. ??? (I have no idea, tbh - nobody makes sense so far.)


    Team Gwen

    Lauren vs. Van (They're both indie-rock-adjacent, so it may happen.)

    Liam vs. Tori (She did something country in the blinds and he has a bluesy quality to his voice, and those things seems like they might mesh well.) 

    Payge vs. Chloe (Payge is alt-rock/soul, Chloe runs neo-soul - of the pairs I could come up with, it makes sense since otherwise one of them goes to Carter and that doesn't seem like that would work at all.)

    Lain vs. Ryan (Lain vs. Carter was one I considered for a good bit, but Gwen's gotten better at the strategizing part of the battles; Lain and Carter both have the potential to be front-runners on her team if both make the live rounds, so I don't think Gwen would pair them up just yet.)

    Carter vs. ??? (Other than Lain, I have no idea who to put Carter with, so the Mystery Artist goes here for now.)


    Team Legend

    Sid vs. James/California Guy (Working off the assumption it is James, he and Sid have a similar genre and tone, so this makes the most sense.) 

    John vs. Julia (They're both more "classical" vocalists, so after this was mentioned as a potential pairing I think it makes more sense than their pairings in my OG version of this list.) 

    Tamara vs. Rio (Rio is more old school R&B while Tamara leans more modern, but given the genre similarities I think this seems like a sensible matchup.)

    Cami vs. Casme (not super-similar genre-wise, but based on rearranged pairings and not knowing who John got in taping 6 this makes more sense than other options.)

    Country Gal vs. ??? (Cami's not country in the slightest and neither is Casme, and the other pairings are ones I'm more certain of being accurate.)

    Team Blake

    Taryn vs. Ian (If Blake wants to protect Taryn and keep her in the country lane she excels in, Ian seems like a likely sacrificial lamb.)

    Jim vs. Ben (Country-leaning-yet-don't-strike-me-as-purely-country guys, check. Given Ben is purer country than Jim, I'd normally match up Ben vs. Ian and Taryn vs. Jim but I don't think Blake is dumb enough to pair his two front runners together that early.) 

    Sam vs. John (Singer-songwriter guys who chose old-school songs for their blinds, so this makes sense to me.)

    JusJon vs. Joseph (Bob Marley is reggae with R&B and Khalid is R&B, so with both of those artists being covered by these two in the blinds I think this might be the safest call for matchups on Team Blake.)

    Worth the Wait vs. Payton (The trio leans country but has a bit of not-country stuff, and Payton is mostly pop. I could see WTW vs. Ian and Taryn vs. Payton, but I'm not as confident on either of those happening and there's generally a "leftover" pairing on each team anyway.)


    Those are my "official" pairings, but I have a few alternative pairings that I'll post later so this post doesn't go for miles and miles.


    I agree, but I have a few notes:

    - I can see Skylar vs Marisa and Kelsie vs Emmalee (winners being Skylar and Kelsie respectively). The thing I like about Kelly (and don’t like about Blake) is that she always picks people with potential opposed to a mediocre artist with one specific great performance (ie. Taylor and Micah, Dr and Jackie, CammWess and Megan, Alex and Injoy). Regardless, Desz, Kelsie and Skylar are her final 3 (unless she steals someone good). Maybe even Tanner if he pulls a Kaleb Lee. 
    - Gwen’s final 3 will be Carter, Lain and Liam. I can see no other possible outcome unless she steals someone good.

    - Blake has a really good team but Taryn and Jim are his frontrunners. But there are also a lot of underdogs that can shine, or dark horses becoming front runners. The rest is basically fodder for them. 

    - I feel like a lot of people will be stolen from Team Legend (If Tamara/John H happens or Julia/Cam or if Sid gets eliminated....). Lots of double steals I think also. ITS A LEGENDARY TEAM!!! But I don’t think the winner will originate from here, but I could see 1 or 2 going to the finale


  7. 46 minutes ago, jus.vshn said:

    I reallly hope we have knockouts this season. Instead of going to lives straight from battles. Well probably get more info of the next round during battle tapings this week 

    I’m pretty sure there are going to be knockouts (one steal each) because then people would lose interest on the show if KO’s are gone.

    I really want a S14 format again. 

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