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  1. I think James Pyle will get Cedrice’s treatment. A one chair turn that would have been a 4 chair, judges favorite, amazing pretaped rounds, going against Frontrunners, kept getting stolen (James will probably be stolen...mostly likely be Gwen or John) but won’t have the best live performances. 

  2. 1 minute ago, jus.vshn said:

    John Holiday would also be pimped. And your missing WTW. I also think that Desz will be like Toneisha and be the leak for Tuesday’s premier episode.

     But the thing is that Blake says that he only has one more spot left in his team so WTW has to be in the last episode unpimped. And yeah maybe John Holiday instead of Jim 

  3. 1 hour ago, ashwinner said:

    im trying to think of one w/ contestants who were told they'd make the finale and got eliminated in the semifinals. I have Marybeth and Allegra (possibly if someone comes up with one, then they can post it later when people forget about this post 😆). 


    im too lazy and have too little knowledge on the voice to come up with more

    Shane Q, Kat, Jej, SandyRedd

  4. 4 minutes ago, French20 said:


    the finalists of season 17 was not forminable, so they chose the least bad for me

    maybe Katie deserved a little more than Jake

    Rose > Jake > Katie > Ricky

    But Rose’s duet was kind of a bummer and Jake had 3 very solid performances and he’s been the most consistent performer of that season (unlike Will, HS, Marybeth, Joana, Shane)

  5. 20 minutes ago, French20 said:

    hoping that it is not a bad talent that wins this season, because between Jake Hot and Todd ...

    To be honest, I think Jake deserved to win because even though he’s country, he has such a STRONG and POWERFUL voice and it just can hold the room. But I admit that Toneisha, Camm, Thunderstorm, Megan or even Micah deserved to win that season

  6. 2 hours ago, LilBrooklyn18 said:

    i would not be upset to see Payge in the finals for Gwen.  I keep seeing the idea John has a strong team, but Lauren could be one of his final three, and I really like her, but Payge definitely won that battle.

    I think if Lauren loses her battle, Gwen would DEFINITELY steal her 


    September 30: Reveal Day and KeyArt sometime this month.

    2 weeks before Blinds: Full Sneak Peek

    October 16: FIRST LEAK

    October 19: 2 hr Blind Audition (8-9 successful artists)

    October 20: 2 hr Blind Audition (9 successful artists)

    October 26: 2 hr Blind Audition (9 successful artists)

    October 27:  1 hr Blind Audition (5-successful artists)

    November 2: 2 hr Blind Audition (8-9 successful artists; depends on how many successful artists are on the first show)

    November 9: 6 Battles (2 hr). 3 steals/saves used

    November 10: 6 Battles, 3 (2 steals/saves used) Montaged or Short Clipped (1 hr)

    November 16: 8 battles, 2 Montaged or Short Clipped (3 saves/steals used)

    November 23: Knockouts 

    November 30: Knockouts (one will get Montaged for 4-way KO)


    Battle dates were confirmed by The Voice Producers. It’s Nov 9, 10, and 16. BLIND AUDITIONS WILL NOT BE MONTAGED, BUT THEY MIGHT BE CUT SHORT BY THIRTY SECONDS

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