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  1. 1.Melrose 2.Brooke 3.Michelle 4.CariDee 5.Amanda 6.Eugena 7.Megan 8.Anchal 9.AJ
  2. 1.AJ 2.CariDee 3.Megan 4.Melrose 5.Eugena 6.Michelle 7.Brooke 8.Anchal 9.Amanda 10.Christian
  3. 1.Melrose 2.Amanda 3.AJ 4.Megan 5.Eugena 6.Brooke 7.Michelle 8.CariDee 9.Christian 10.Anchal 11.Megg
  4. 1.Michelle 2.Melrose 3.AJ 4.Anchal 5.Christian 6.CariDee 7.Megan 8.Eugena 9.Amanda 10.Megg 11.Jaeda 12.Brooke
  5. Week 1: NinaWeek 2: NinaWeek 3: Jourdan Week 4: Jourdan Week 5: Jourdan Week 6: NinaWeek 7: Nina Week 8: Nina Week 9: Nina Week 10: Nina Week 11: Jourdan Finale Photoshoot: NinaFinal Runway: JourdanWinner Pick: Nina
  6. 1.Nina 2.Marvin 3.Jiana 4.Jourdan 5.Chris 6.Cory 7.Don
  7. 1.Nina 2.Jourdan 3.Cory 4.Marvin 5.Jiana 6.Don 7.Renee 8.Chris
  8. 1.Nina 2.Renee 3.Chris 4.Jourdan 5.Don 6.Cory 7.Jiana 8.Marvin 9.Jeremy
  9. 1.Jiana 2.Kanani 3.Renee 4.Jourdan 5.Marvin 6.Nina 7.Alexandra 8.Chris 9.Cory 10.Bianca 11.Don 12.Jeremy 13.Phil
  10. 1.Jiana 2.Chris H. 3.Bianca 4.Renee 5.Kanani 6.Nina 7.Marvin 8.Jourdan 9.Alexandra 10.Cory 11.Don 12.Phil 13.Jeremy 14.Chlea
  11. 1.Kanani 2.Jiana 3.Cory 4.Jourdan 5.Alexandra 6.Marvin 7.Nina 8.Don 9.Chris H. 10.Renee 11.Jeremy 12.Phil 13.Bianca 14.Mike 15.Chlea 16.Chris S.
  12. B&W: 1.Yoanna 2.April 3.Mercedes 4.Jenascia 5.Shandi 6.Catie 7.Camille Rollitos: 1.April 2.Yoanna 3.Jenascia 4.Mercedes 5.Catie 6.Shandi 7.Camille
  13. 1.April 2.Jenascia 3.Catie 4.Yoanna 5.Camille 6.Shandi 7.Mercedes 8.Xiomara
  14. 1.Mercedes 2.Yoanna 3.Catie 4.Shandi 5.April 6.Jenascia 7.Xiomara 8.Camille 9.Sara
  15. 1.Yoanna 2.April 3.Shandi 4.Jenascia 5.Mercedes 6.Sara 7.Camille 8.Xiomara 9.Bethany 10.Catie
  16. 1.Mercedes 2.Jenascia 3.April 4.Sara 5.Catie 6.Shandi 7.Yoanna 8.Camille 9.Xiomara 10.Bethany 11.Heather
  17. 1.April 2.Mercedes 3.Shandi 4.Jenascia 5.Camille 6.Yoanna 7.Sara 8.Catie 9.Xiomara 10.Heather 11.Bethany 12.Anna
  18. Team Kelly 1.Madeline Consoer - "I Could Use A Love Song" by Maren Morris 2.Cami Clune - "My Immortal" by Evanescence 3.DeSz - "Home" by Stephanie Mills Team Gwen 1.Joseph Soul - "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith 2.Payge Turner - "Strong" by London Grammar 3.Carter Rubin - "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn 4.Larriah Jackson - "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston Team Legend 1.Tamara Jade - "Freedom" by Beyonce 2.John Holiday - "Fever" by Peggy Lee 3.Chloe Hogan - "What You Don't Do" by Lianne La Havas 4.Julia Cooper - "Evergreen" by YEBBA 5.Bailey Rae - "Foolish Games" by Jewel Team Blake 1.Taryn Papa - "Dreams" by Brandi Carlile 2.Sid Kingsley - "Scars" by James Bay 3.Worth the Wait - "Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain
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