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  1. Week 1: KahlenWeek 2: KahlenWeek 3: Brittany Week 4: Brittany Week 5: Brittany Week 6: BrittanyWeek 7: Kahlen Week 8: Brittany Week 9: Brittany Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Brittany Week 11.2: BrittanyFinal Runway: BrittanyWinner Pick: Brittany
  2. Ad: 1.Brittany 2.Kahlen 3.Michelle Commercial: 1.Brittany 2.Kahlen 3.Michelle
  3. 1.Brittany 2.Kahlen 3.Michelle 4.Christina 5.Keenyah
  4. 1.Brittany 2.Kahlen 3.Michelle 4.Christina 5.Keenyah 6.Tiffany
  5. 1.Kahlen 2.Christina 3.Tiffany 4.Rebecca 5.Brittany 6.Keenyah 7.Michelle
  6. 1.Brittany 2.Tiffany 3.Michelle 4.Kahlen 5.Christina 6.Keenyah 7.Tatiana 8.Naima 9.Rebecca
  7. 1.Brittany 2.Naima 3.Kahlen 4.Christina 5.Michelle 6.Tiffany 7.Keenyah 8.Tatiana 9.Rebecca 10.Brandy
  8. 1.Keenyah 2.Michelle 3.Brandy 4.Christina 5.Naima 6.Kahlen 7.Tatiana 8.Rebecca 9.Brittany 10.Tiffany 11.Noelle
  9. 1.Michelle 2.Brittany 3.Keenyah 4.Naima 5.Brandy 6.Tiffany 7.Rebecca 8.Christina 9.Kahlen 10.Tatiana 11.Noelle 12.Lluvy
  10. 1.Tiffany 2.Michelle 3.Keenyah 4.Tatiana 5.Brandy 6.Christina 7.Noelle 8.Lluvy 9.Rebecca 10.Naima 11.Brittany 12.Kahlen 13.Sarah
  11. 1.Naima 2.Sarah 3.Brittany 4.Keenyah 5.Christina 6.Kahlen 7.Rebecca 8.Michelle 9.Noelle 10.Brandy 11.Tiffany 12.Brita 13.Tatiana 14.Lluvy
  12. Week 1:NastasiaWeek 2:NastasiaWeek 3:Laura Week 4:Nastasia Week 5:Laura Week 6:NastasiaWeek 7:Laura Week 8:Nastasia Week 9:Nastasia Week 10:Nastasia Week 11:NastasiaFinal Runway:Nastasia Winner Pick:Nastasia
  13. Based on the preview, I think Masha is singing "Rain on Me" by Lady Gaga?
  14. 1.Nastasia 2.Leila 3.Allyssa 4.Laura 5.Brittany
  15. 1.Nastasia 2.Allyssa 3.Laura 4.Leila 5.Brittany 6.Kristin
  16. 1.Laura 2.Leila 3.Nastasia 4.Kristin 5.Brittany 6.Allyssa 7.Victoria
  17. 1.Nastasia 2.Leila 3.Kristin 4.Brittany 5.Victoria 6.Kiara 7.Allyssa 8.Laura
  18. 1.Laura 2.Allyssa 3.Nastasia 4.Brittany 5.Leila 6.Victoria 7.Kiara 8.Yvonne 9.Kristin
  19. 1.Nastasia 2.Yvonne 3.Allyssa 4.Leila 5.Laura 6.Kristin 7.Kiara 8.Darian 9.Victoria 10.Brittany
  20. 1.Nastasia 2.Laura 3.Leila 4.Allyssa 5.Kiara 6.Brittany 7.Darian 8.Kristin 9.Victoria 10.Yvonne 11.Destiny
  21. 1.Leila 2.Victoria 3.Nastasia 4.Kristin 5.Alyssa 6.Darian 7.Laura 8.Brittany 9.Yvonne 10.Kiara 11.Destiny 12.Maria
  22. 1.Nastasia 2.Leila 3.Kristin 4.Laura 5.Victoria 6.Yvonne 7.Kiara 8.Brittany 9.Destiny 10.Darian 11.Alyssa 12.Maria 13.Jessie
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