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  1. Is that the same snippet we heard this year?
  2. People getting their hopes up again lol.
  3. Normani has seemed to shoot "something" last month, with the level of production and crew, it seems to have been some sort of video. It might just be a promo video for a product or something, I've been let down by her before so I keep my reservations.
  4. Out of all 4H, 6 months is the most recent. There's women who haven't released in 1 year, 2 years or more.
  5. This doesn't apply to Ally, it's almost like she releases too much music. They go and don't chart because they are all so easily forgettable. Ally by far has been the one to release the most out of 4H
  6. I really liked that interview, just like two women catching up.
  7. Did you decipher the lyrics to Vamanos? LOL Allysin Brooke loves to come out for a stroll occasionally.
  8. If Ally was getting turned down by all the labels AFTER 5H, you can see why a couple of them are independent right now
  9. I doubt it. She seems pretty gung-ho against that part of her life on that show.
  10. I think it was Ally. That's why she found Dina and became the overseer of the group
  11. Stefanie has always been apart of their touring even since 4H days. She never switched, DJ went her birthday party and such. She's not new. I'm sure she plays her the new stuff
  12. Really hate that she doesn't save these
  13. Only Ally hasn't said anything https://www.instagram.com/p/CK4ThkHBxRJ/
  14. That's very specific, weird, and spitballing. And again it wouldn't have anything to do with them as solo artiste signed to different labels.
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