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  1. Scott's best days are in his rear-view mirror
  2. City tour of her hometown sponsored by Hyundai
  3. Yeah she is one page, there's another that doesn't have her though.
  4. Songs leak all the time, wish some shoots would leak too llol
  5. Seems she can't make music moves without those guys post-pandemic
  6. Hitco has unfollowed Dinah on IG What do you think her next move will be?
  7. That's just one song. She's still on Atlantic's website https://www.atlanticrecords.com/artists
  8. I'm not buying the Bebe Rexha theory. She's on another label completely, dividing that pot between labels would have been a nightmare. It would have to be someone already on their label. like Becky G. She's finding an audience now. And she and Normani even went to school together I think.
  9. I was having fun with the idea of Ms. Lauren Hill on her virginity is a mental idea by men made to control women's sexuality seminar
  10. Hope she'll be ok. But we're really not gonna get the album now.
  11. They're gonna hear someday and take away that's it tomorrow
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