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  1. Sorry to disappoint. It's a shoot for her line of masks with Affliction clothing (Ms Jane on your lips baby)
  2. I'm sorry that DJ has to keep paying for what her culture is, to some people. This though......Something tells me they still do this
  3. I'd watch Lauren cooking for me, or help out.....IDK about the result lol
  4. LMAO Tunji telling all this in a private convo to a "fan". Sure Jan.
  5. Yet you're doing exactly that. you will need a crane to hold up your end of the bargain
  6. What you think of my decision making skills is not my concern. You don't speak for anyone but the misinformed noggin in your head....to which I wasn't even speaking about that person. Didn't mention her or her name. After all this is a NORMANI thread. I don't come in that person's thread telling anyone what to do. How about you hightail outta this thread and leave people in it alone. Goodbye. ======================= Blair's works is so innovative, even during these trying times.
  7. Girl cheese, you only come in here when apparently anyone with THAT name is mentioned. I'm not the one referring to my bandmate with slurs, comin on here talkin bout bad energy while you stan a power company with surges and blackouts =============================== Anyway Normani
  8. It can take a year or more going by Bottled Up's standards lol Happy Birthday to Dinah
  9. I did a double take so fast. Thank God it's that Camla
  10. Mani's post (keep scrolling to the right)
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