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  1. Did you decipher the lyrics to Vamanos? LOL Allysin Brooke loves to come out for a stroll occasionally.
  2. If Ally was getting turned down by all the labels AFTER 5H, you can see why a couple of them are independent right now
  3. I doubt it. She seems pretty gung-ho against that part of her life on that show.
  4. I think it was Ally. That's why she found Dina and became the overseer of the group
  5. Stefanie has always been apart of their touring even since 4H days. She never switched, DJ went her birthday party and such. She's not new. I'm sure she plays her the new stuff
  6. Really hate that she doesn't save these
  7. Only Ally hasn't said anything https://www.instagram.com/p/CK4ThkHBxRJ/
  8. That's very specific, weird, and spitballing. And again it wouldn't have anything to do with them as solo artiste signed to different labels.
  9. DInah says this was the original version of Bottled Up. She explains more in her captions. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK2ijAkFYtLqS0VHQCAyszevR416lQcyMfnloQ0/
  10. That shouldn't have anything to do with each other. I guess most people don't know a group contract and a solo contract are 2 different ones in the music industry.
  11. Shame you say that, because of all 4H she released the most music and they are quickly forgotten it seems...
  12. Lauren has new management...again
  13. She's put on so much weight so fast, I'm kinda worried
  14. Hope you guys no what this means. Things may be a bit harder now, things may come less frequently. Independent artistes have more control over their careers, but control is control. Without some angel investor, they have to pay for EVERYTHING, boarding, travel, videos, studio time, payroll for people they work with, etc. The reward is for her but it's ALL on her now.
  15. My way? Sounds like she's independent, if you wanna play Blues Clues lol.
  16. She told that story already, that someone in the studio told her that why they didn't wanna give her too many parts.
  17. If she did say that, the fandom completely missed it because nobody has been talking about it the last few days Also the post did provide a link for anyone to hear for themselves Also she was asked about label issues being a reason for the delay in her album earlier this year and she said no it was her choice of songs.
  18. With Dinah she could be talking about something like merch
  19. We still have the entire 2021 tho lol
  20. Get the xmas crap off the radio playlists first I love how she pacifies us tho, we were EATING over the weekend
  21. Would love to see who is distributing
  22. Good news to her could mean new merch
  23. Scott's best days are in his rear-view mirror
  24. City tour of her hometown sponsored by Hyundai
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