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  1. How funny that the night she goes on a date with that trash we have an earthquake in LA....God is not happy with her
  2. If there is anyone that misses the crew more it would be mila. Besides Yawn there's no one she hangs with in her age range.
  3. Did she say what it was? =====================================
  4. Hitco doesn't even have a site anymore. They could be downsizing or cutting whatever due to COVID, I need something else to say they dropped her because they still follow her. Also she could just be annoyed and she just wants more gas on her career, so I'm not so sure they dropped her yet. And Dinah is just one person Lauren is about to release and so is Ally, enough people have Mani's name in her mouth and C is about to drop a movie. Plus Dinah unfollowed the 5h account too so nothing says she's going back there yet.
  5. This is really poor to compare JLO to Dinah. JLO has movies, her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will say "feat. Pitbull", is an on the whole attention wh*re. Hitco in JLO is someone they don't have to do a lot of work with or spend money on, real easy and lazy for them. Wonder what's Dinah's next move. I say independent (might be the most viable option).
  6. On the most obscure non-popular venues. It's like she's sabotaging herself.
  7. Someone said Sony might own them through whatever label they were on, and I'm guessing that's Epic. Somewhere in the transfer must be where these old songs are leaking from,
  8. As someone actually from the islands, that was cringe loll. She's not the only one to butcher an accent, I'm use to it by now. I'm guessing someone raiding Syco's old servers or something
  9. You only say that because it's literally the same chord progression and melody of Diamonds
  10. Why a competition show in particular? Plus this is the time of Corona, every singer is the masked singer
  11. Some were speculating the girl's masters for solo and the group went to another company or back to Sony...I'd like to think it went to the girls but I don't think they were that generous
  12. I'm biting my nails like it's MY grandma, because she would have problems with this LMAO
  13. Hey it's Corona time. There's no shows being put on where people can buy tickets. Folks need to make money.
  14. Ok before we even know for sure what happened, people are already blaming RCA.....SMH
  15. Sorry to disappoint. It's a shoot for her line of masks with Affliction clothing (Ms Jane on your lips baby)
  16. I'm sorry that DJ has to keep paying for what her culture is, to some people. This though......Something tells me they still do this
  17. I'd watch Lauren cooking for me, or help out.....IDK about the result lol
  18. LMAO Tunji telling all this in a private convo to a "fan". Sure Jan.
  19. Yet you're doing exactly that. you will need a crane to hold up your end of the bargain
  20. What you think of my decision making skills is not my concern. You don't speak for anyone but the misinformed noggin in your head....to which I wasn't even speaking about that person. Didn't mention her or her name. After all this is a NORMANI thread. I don't come in that person's thread telling anyone what to do. How about you hightail outta this thread and leave people in it alone. Goodbye. ======================= Blair's works is so innovative, even during these trying times.
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