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  1. 1 hour ago, ptebwwong said:

    "The Waiter" is definitely one of my favorite songs from the album. However, I'm not sure it would do well on country radio. IMO "Damn Strait" is radio-friendly, has clever lyrics, & getting buzz from industry people that I that I think it's a good single choice.


  2. 35 minutes ago, buttons66 said:

    Good interview with Stuart ...(..inc Moose 's input ) Covers alot of different subjects 


    This is with Downtown Country--IRELAND




    Scotty McCreery chats to Stuart Banford about the writing and recording of his new album "Same Truck". DON'T MISS!!! Scotty performing at C2C Country to Country in March.

    This guy was well informed & asked really good questions.

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  3. 43 minutes ago, istersay said:

    not really off topic, but I don't know where to post this lol. I follow this girl on twitter, and went to go look at her photography page on instagram and I see some pics of Scotty on there, didn't know if you have seen them already :peace:


    Los Angeles, CA based 🏠
    Photojournalist for @topshelfmusicmag 📸🎶




    and if you need any threads pinned let me know 🙂 



    Thanks for finding this. 

  4. 4 hours ago, ptebwwong said:

    I didn't want to put this in the Same Truck thread, but these numbers are something to keep in mind for how sales/streaming of recent country album releases have done their 1st week leading up to Scotty's album release. iTunes sales has definitely changed than a few years ago even if you chart high. Streaming is definitely why most artists chart well. 


    Currently, BB200 Top 10 all genre is 30,000+ total (sales + Streaming). Morgan Wallen is still #1 for BB Country Albums with about 41,000 total. 


    - Nelly (country collaboration album)

    #7 Billboard Top Country Albums

    #45 BB 200

    estimated SPS: 2,900 pure sales, 10m song streams

    stayed in the Top 5 on iTunes all genre albums for entire 1st week of release


    - Lauren Alaina (new album)

    #21 Billboard Top Country Albums
    #173 BB 200
    7,200 SPS (3.4k pure sales, 4.4m song streams)

    stayed in the Top 10 on iTunes for a few days, rest of week usually in Top 20

    Thanks.  I wonder how many pre-sales Same Truck has already.  

  5. 1 hour ago, ptebwwong said:


    RadioTraks is one of several surveys. However, it's not the main one. The main one is MMI (Monday Morning Intel I keep posting about). MMI's callout data is even found directly on All Access so industry people likely see & access this one. The data is very different than RadioTraks. For example, Old Dominion's single has been struggling for about a month now according to industry people. That's likely because of callouts. While it's in the Top 5 on RadioTraks, it's one of the bottom songs on MMI. That's how different some callout scores are.


    Keep doing these RadioTraks surveys (they still count towards MMI). Just saying MMI callouts is the one to look at (and the entire Top 50 songs are posted).


    Below, I did a quick chart of the Top 15 on Mediabase & their callout scores according to MMI. Generally, bad MMI scores do have an effect.


    Mediabase Position    Artist  Title    MMI Callout Position
    1    JUSTIN MOORE    We Didn't Have Much    7
    2    LUKE BRYAN    Waves    3
    3    CHASE RICE F/F.G.L.    Drinkin' Beer Talkin' God Amen    4
    4    THOMAS RHETT    Country Again    20
    5    LAINEY WILSON    Things A Man Oughta Know    8
    6    SCOTTY MCCREERY    You Time    9
    7    DAN + SHAY    Glad You Exist    1
    8    JAMESON RODGERS    Cold Beer Calling...f/L. Combs    14
    9    LEE BRICE    Memory I Don't Mess With    12
    10    ELVIE SHANE    My Boy    6
    11    OLD DOMINION    I Was On A Boat That Day    36
    12    RYAN HURD W/MAREN MORRIS    Chasing After You    26
    13    LADY A    Like A Lady    32
    14    KENNY CHESNEY    Knowing You    11
    15    CARLY PEARCE    Next Girl    24


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