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  1. Yeah ... it didn't make sense, after all of the rally's and other protests, that were so peaceful. Now, it does. I'm glad, that the truth, came out quickly
  2. ANTIFA, is a far LEFT group. Funded by Soros. They obviously infiltrated, today's gathering.
  3. Lin Wood, is an expert at defamation law. Do you honestly think, that he would post that, if it WEREN'T true? Why, would he do that? And why, haven't J Roberts, and Mike Pence, disputed this? Why haven't they tried to sue Lin Wood? In 2017, President Trump, signed an Executive Order, to deal with Human Trafficking. It's one of the main reasons, that he ran for president, to begin with. There is A LOT, that people, don't know. I've tried to tell you, without, coming out and saying it I truly wish, that it was just an insane rant. I really, really do. I guarantee you .... it is not. I told you all, that things would come out, that are at the very least .... shocking. J Epstein, apparently had video cameras set up EVERYWHERE, on his island. . There's videos of so many politicians, royalty, celebrities, media. And, guess who has them?
  4. Thanks season1. The proof, is in the pudding, isn't it? I knew it!
  5. Here we go ... news, coming out ... "A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate." Full Article: //amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jan/6/xrvision-firm-claims-antifa-infiltrated-protesters/
  6. Well, come on, now .... on a day, like today, with everything going on? THAT, was supposed to grab my attention?
  7. As if I were supposed to know, any of that? Anyway .... yay, we actually have more in common, than we knew.
  8. Mis-Trust the media .... that, is an understatement!!!!! You know what is crazy? Believing "news" channels, that are owned by 6 corporations, and have higher ups, from the pharmaceutical industries, sitting on their boards Yes , most of them. How do you think, they (news stations) get their money? They have to put out, what they are told to put out. Tow, the line. They are compromised. There is no real journalism, because of it. They CAN"T REPORT THE TRUTH. And if it's not on the TV, people don't believe it. Mass hypnosis. I haven't watched TV, for over 10 years. I go to independent journalists, or.... to the source itself ( the actual words of lawyers, viral experts, the president, journalists, not bought by corporations ), whether they are on paper, YouTube, Twitter, individual sites. To you, that means "crazy", because it doesn't fit the MSM narrative. I look at each issue, individually, as to how beneficial, or destructive, it is, for this country. I am an independent thinker.
  9. There has LITERALLY been NOTHING in his past conversation, to indicate it, like EVER, that I have seen. (views, stand on issues etc). It's simple, really.
  10. Wow. that's so .... clever ... not
  11. LOLOLLOL Name one thing, that I stand for. Go ahead, since you know me so well Go ahead. I'll be waiting FYI ... I am left of center. Trump, was a democrat most of his life, until the corrupt forces, got ahold of the party (Big Pharma, Military Industrial Complex etc ...). And so ... he left it.
  12. Oh Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez I can't roll my eyes enough, at that one. Just because you choose, to believe, the lying corrupt media
  13. And THAT, is why you are going to get the shock of your lives. I won't come & tell you "I told you so". I am just going to come and post a million smiles; Just watch.
  14. Telling me, doesn't do anything. I need to see something. I LITERALLY, have not observed anything "conservative". I mean, in all these weeks .... besides saying it. Where has it been demonstrated? I'm not a mind reader
  15. I must have not been interested enough.
  16. You are going to see the law changed on that. An Executive Order And like I stated, I myself, do not have a facebook, twitter, or instagram account. And .... I will find info, wherever I please, thank you
  17. I haven't noticed a sliver of conservatism, in Chris. I mean, like .... in what way & how? Not that I'm conservative, because .... I'm not
  18. Trump: "You don't concede, when there's theft involved!!" Me: You're darned right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Will NEVER CONCEDE!!! - YouTube
  19. I will look for info, wherever I please .... thank you. See? Those on the left try and control, your very breath It didn't take but 1 minute, for that, to be proven. Thanks
  20. PREACH ... Rep. Jim Jordan on Twitter: "For nine weeks, Democrats have been afraid to have a real debate on election integrity. Why? https://t.co/n3hcoOi4rS" / Twitter
  21. Twitter censors, what they don't agree with. Like I said .... Fascists. Either we have free speech .... or, we don't
  22. Of course, they deleted his tweets. They're FASCIST
  23. You were saying? And, this is the tip of the iceberg Downtown Portland businesses targeted by self-described Antifa group in Wednesday night riot - YouTube Portland protests: Violence escalates as protesters continue to face off with federal police - YouTube Police and Protesters Clash in Springfield, Oregon - YouTube Black Lives Matter: Federal agents confront protesters in Portland - YouTube Protesters clash in Portland, 1 person shot dead - YouTube Portland protests: Fence pulled down at federal courthouse, police declare riot - YouTube
  24. The LOVE of Censorship. One of the MANY reasons, I left the dems
  25. Ahhhh .... projection. It's a wondrous thing
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