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  1. Eliminating: Avi Howard Blum Rick Rickman Roz Liebowitz
  2. 1. Kornbread - Like the judges said, a complete star. Her original song was a bop. Agree with the judges that her runways might need a little polish but I have faith in her. 2. Bosco - Good talent show, good runway and funny. Like the judges said, def one to watch. 3. Kerri - Stunning in and out of drag. While I agree with the judges that her talent show needs some spark, I still loved how unexpected it was. 4. June - Also gorgeous though I didn’t love her looks this episode as much as I loved her promo look. I think she’ll grow a lot during the season. 5. Alyssa - I loved her talent but I wish she actually played guitar. Runway look was stunning though. 6. Willow Pill - I loved her talent show performance but her drag hasn’t blown me away yet. However, I’m excited to see what she does every week now. 7. Orion Story - It was pretty obvious that she would be the one going home from this group even before we saw everything. I think she’s got some growing to do though and might be better when she’s got her life stuff figured out.
  3. Don’t give JC any ideas!!! Everett also has abs!!!
  4. Chelsea Traille (US4) Chelsea was a contemporary dancer during the 4th American Season. I always forget that she wasn’t a ballroom dancer because in her three weeks in the show, she danced two ballroom routines (a Cha Cha at the Top 20 and a Quickstep at the Top 16) and they were surprisingly decent for a semi finalist. She also danced a Jazz and was partnered with Thayne Jasperson for all three routines. According to social media she is now a real estate investor and interior designed in Texas so. Good for her I guess? This is a more than acceptable placement for her in this Rankdown though.
  5. Starting to thing my husband subconsciously made me pick Andrew Garfield just so I could post gifs and pictures of him
  6. Had to edit mine because Lily stole some of them. Will add the next three soon.
  7. Andrew Garfield’s choices: Brooke Lynn Hytes Icesis Couture Jimbo Jujubee Katya Lemon Manila Luzon Priyanka Pythia Shangela Shea Coulee Tatianna
  8. Team Hip-Hop A. Zoey B. C. Elliott D. Team Ballroom A. Amanda B. C. Andrew D.
  9. Jeff Mortensen Derek, look at your life. Look at your choices. How Jeff made the Top 4 is so beyond my comprehension but CA3 was a train wreck so it makes sense. I’ve already done I write up of Janick so I feel like I could just copy and paste that write up to describe my feelings about Jeff. Jeff started the season partnered with Charlene, who I also didn’t care for but probably liked more than him. Together they danced a Jive, Contemporary, Hustle and Jazz in the first four weeks of the competition. They were safe every week. Then, when the partners swapped, Jeff was paired with Janick. The reasoning was obvious. He had the Alberta voting block and she had the east coast voting block so they paired them together to avoid giving those voting blocks to any of the fodder that season. Jeff and Janick danced a hip hop that week and we’re obviously safe. The next week (Top 12) Jeff danced a contemporary with Danielle and they were safe. The week after he danced that nauseating Jazz Funk with Janick. They were, somehow, safe. At the top 8 he danced a contemporary routine with Amanda to the same song as Lacey and Kameron’s contemporary. It was not as good but they were both safe from the double elimination and into the finale. In the finale, Jeff danced Contemporary with Amanda and another nauseating Jazz Fusion routine with Janick. He also danced a Ukrainian Folk solo, which was about the only interesting thing he brought to the show that season. After all was said and done, he placed third. I was there that night to witness it and was just glad Amanda placed higher than him even though D*nys won. All in all, a terrible end to a terrible season. Sorry Derek!
  10. Lex Ishimoto (S14, Winner) Lex won season 14 which makes sense since the US show has been obsessed with crowning mediocre contemporary dancers for years now. Lex’s run on the show was so wholly mediocre that production was forced to focus on his relationship with the equally mediocre Taylor Sieve in order to push them both to the finale when, in reality the more talented and interesting couple was Kiki and Koine. The only good part of his run was getting to see Gaby dance with him every week in a bunch of different styles, all of which she slayed. Anyway, Lex was on my list of nominees this round because I think he’s the weakest person left from his season and doesn’t deserve to advance over many of the others left so I think this is a completely justified cut. Nothing against him though, he seems like a nice guy, I just didn’t enjoy his run on the show. I’ve also included his hip hop with Gaby to remind you HOW BAD HER WIG WAS THAT WEEK.
  11. Advancing: Trent Harmon - Like I Can Trent Harmon - Falling Trent Harmon - Counting Stars Trent Harmon - If You Don’t Know Me By Now
  12. 01. Shan 02. Erika 03. Ricard 04. Liana 05. Evvie 06. Danny 07. Xander 08. JD 09. Tiffany 10. Sydney 11. Naseer 12. Heather 13. Voce 14. DeShawn 15. Genie 16. Sara 17. Abraham 18. Brad
  13. My round 4 pick is Trent Harmon’s Sharp Dressed Man then!
  14. Derek when the randomized immunities pick Courtney
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