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  1. Akashia Mariah - (1) Sola Lineysha Sparx Alexis Michelle Sum Ting Wong - (1) Andrew Naysha Lopez Elektra Fence - (4) Derek, Elliott, Andy, Lily Elektra deserves better after that Little Mix lipsync!!!
  2. group A Megan "Megz" Alfonso - Elliott, Andrew Slavik Pustovoytov Vincent Desjardins - Rei Edgar Gilbert-Reyes Claudia Primeau group B Emilio Dosal Mark Villaver Nicolas Archambault Allie Bertram Vanessa Sew Hoy - Rei, Elliott, Andrew
  3. GROUP A: Benji Schwimmer Brandon Bryant Courtney Galiano Donyelle Jones Robbie Kmetoni - Andrew GROUP B: Ariana DeBose Lauren Froderman Marko Germar Serge Onik - Andrew Yorelis Apolinario
  4. Chi Chi DeVayne DiDa Ritz - Sola Jessica Wild - Derek Rosé Tammie Brown - Andrew Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Yvie Oddly
  5. Group 1 Neil Haskell - Megan Stephen "tWitch" Boss - Rei Jakob Karr - Diana, Elliott, Andrew Ellenore Scott - Lindsay Leuschner - Group 2 Sara Von Gillern - Nathalie Heath - Rei, Elliott, Andrew Gaby Diaz - Matt Flint - Megan, Diana Melanie Moore -
  6. Let’s be clear, I tanked these performances because La’Porsha has said some very homophobic things since her season. I have recognized her talent in my comments and by advancing or refusing to cut her performances but I’m not about to rank her first or let her win given what she’s said. Maybe some people can separate the art from the artist, but I’m not one of them.
  7. me waking up to see my husband hasn’t voted despite sitting beside me when I was posting these 👁 👁
  8. A fantastic Top 5 but I’m glad Trent won because of La’Porsha’s comments since the show. She’s still immensely talented but Trent deserves. Chandelier and Sharp Dressed Man was the night the game changed and he developed the momentum and became the front runner. He had an uphill battle to take La’Porsha after Kelly Clarkson herself anointed her the winner early on. Season 15 was a fun to watch for that reason for sure. Oh well, onward to the ABC seasons where there’s maybe one standout performance per season.
  9. Same here. People complaining NMD is low when SDM didn’t even make the final vote!!!
  10. Alright, here we go. My nominations: Group 1 Will Wingfield Jason Glover Jonathan “Legacy” Perez Youngkwang “Blond” Juong Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval Group 2 Lacey Schwimmer Denitsa Ikomonova Katee Sheen Amanda Cleghorn Janette Manrara
  11. Not @Alex95 shading us for ranking Drink You Away so high with the other abysmal options in this Top 20
  12. Lineysha Sparxx - (1) Akshar Kyne - (1) Andy Tina Burner - (3) Lily, Elliott, Andrew Yuhua Hamasaki - Alexis Michelle - Kiara - (1) Sola Jiggly Caliente -
  13. Jessica Wild - (1) Derek Tamisha Iman - (1) Elliott Ivy Winters - (2) Andy, Lily Chi Chi Devayne - (0) Yvie Oddly - (0) Kahmora Hall - (1) Andrew Mariah - (2) Sola, Akshar I recognize this isn’t helpful
  14. 204. Billy Bell (US7) Billy was a contemporary dancer who originally tried out for the show during Season 6 and made the Top 20, but had to withdraw due to illness. He was subsequently cast on Season 7 and had a fairly decent run on the show, although he wasn’t among my favourites. In the Top 11 showcase he danced a beautiful Mia Michaels routine with Ade and Alex Wong. Then in Week 1, he danced a Broadway Routine with Mischa Chan and was safe. In Week 2, he danced a Krump routine with Comfort which was… a choice. She was good in it, at least, but he was safe. In Week 3, he danced another contemporary routine with Kathryn which, ironically, was probably his best routine of the first three weeks and he ended up in the bottom. He was saved over Melinda Sullivan. Then in Week 4, he danced another Broadway routine with Kate Sheen and an Afro Jazz with Jose. He was in the bottom, but safe after Alex Wong had to drop out of the competition due to his injury. In Week 5, Billy danced a Jive with Anya and a Jazz with Lauren Froderman and, again, was in the bottom but, again, was safe after Ashley Galvan had to withdraw due to an injury. In Week 6, Billy himself fell victim to an injury and didn’t dance, although he was supposed to dance with Courtney and do a stepping routine with Kent. He did, however, return the next week to dance a Bollywood with Robert and a contemporary with Ade (another one of my favourites of his). He was part of the double elimination that night with Jose. All in all, Season 7, including Billy’s run, was plagued with injuries but it did give us the all-stars format and some pretty good routines, so I think this is a decent placement for Billy.
  15. Milan (Season 4, 9th Place) Milan was eliminated during the 6th week of Season 4. Her run on the show was smooth sailing until the fourth week, where she landed in the bottom during the “Queens Behind Bars” challenge and lip synced against Madame LaQueer to Pink’s “Trouble”. She won, but landed in the Bottom 2 again the next week for her portrayal of Diana Ross in Snatch Game. However, she survived the lip sync to Madonna’s “Vogue” against Kenya Michaels and made it into the next week. Then, in Week 6, she fell into the bottom for the third time in a row for the “Float Your Boat” runway challenge and lost the lip sync to Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” against Jiggly Caliente. I don’t really have a strong attachment to Milan, whereas I’ve been following Honey’s political career so I’m saving her again. As a side note, according to Wikipedia Milan took a bit of a break from drag to focus on her career as a broadway actor, but recently posted pictures on her social media in drag so it looks like she’s back to doing a bit of drag. Save: Honey Mahogany
  16. Oceané Aqua-Black Oceané’s run on Canada’s drag race S2 was short but sweet. Oceané is an iconic French-Canadian queen and was born in Haiti. She is part of the same drag family as Rita Baga, Adriana and Kiara which I didn’t know but makes sense, since they are all from Quebec. The highlight of Oceané’s run for me was her Circus runway the week she was eliminated. Her dress looked like a black and white circus tent. It was so camp. However, she was one of the weakest in the Rusical challenge that week and lost the lipsync to Girlicious’s “Stupid Sh*t” to Icesis, who just murdered it. But her and Icesis were good friends and she was rooting for her to win so it’s good to see that. Save: Vivacious (and Ornacia)
  17. Jamile McGee Jamile was on the first season of the show and made it to third. Wikipedia lists him as a hip-hop/popping dancer but I know he does break dancing too. Anyway, I’m cutting him because I much preferred other people that season. He did have some good routines however, namely his hip-hop at the Top 10 with Destini, Shake, and his hip-hop with Kamilah at the Top 6, Toma. However, his routines outside of his style were less memorable for me which is why I am cutting him. I think Blake, Ashle, Artem, Kamilah and even N*ck had more versatility in the long hall. Save: Jess LeProtto
  18. Remy Vetter (NL5, Top 10) Remy is hot and part of one of my favourite NL seasons but he’s one of the few people on that list that I’m fairly certain others don’t have a strong attachment to. Remy was a hip-hop dancer that made the Top 10. He started the season partnered with jazz dancer Davinia. Together they danced a hip-hop (Top 18), Samba (Top 16), Modern (Top 14) and a quickstep (Top 12). They were a good partnership and I liked their routines together, especially their modern and hip-hop. At the Top 10, he was partnered with Vivian and the two of them danced a Modern to Ellie Goulding’s “Your Song”. I liked this routine and was shocked when he was in the bottom and going home but I definitely think Vivian outdanced him because it was her style. Anyway, Remy has only gotten hotter since the show because he’s grown out his hair but he’s also a heterosexual and posts a lot of pictures with his wife.
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