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Rank the Katy Perry Finale Duets


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    • "Part of Me" with Catie Turner
    • "Unconditionally" with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
    • "Thinking of You" with Hunter Metts
    • "Firework" with Leah Marlene
    • "By the Grace of God x Still Need You" with Haven Madison
    • "What Makes a Woman" with Jack Blocker

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Katy's duet has always continuously been the highlight of the Finale for me year after year. What is your ranking of these performances? 

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prefacing this with the fact that 5/6 of these performances are amongst my favorite in the series and i’ve watched them many times!


1. “Unconditionally” with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - an all-timer contender imo. this song choice was literally the perfect pick for them. they bonded throughout the season over being pastor kids who felt rejected from the church because they didn’t fit the mold growing up. this performance felt like closure for the struggles they both have gone through regarding that. it really struck a chord with me personally ❤️ 

2. “Thinking of You” with Hunter Metts - another all timer contender imo! this song is Katy’s magnum opus imo and this was an incredible performance of it. the harmonies, the chemistry, the lighting… a moment! 

3. “By The Grace of God x Still Need You” with Haven Madison - first of all, it was SO cool of Katy to be willing to sing Haven’s song. like it really is an honor to have a pop icon want to sing a song you wrote at 15 years old. there was definitely a lot of chemistry in this performance - though it did feel a bit corny with the matching denim outfits, the bare feet, and candles lol. i still think it’s a really cool and stunning performance overall though.

4. “Part of Me” with Catie Turner - another great performance with so much chemistry. i ranked it here solely because i don’t like “Part of Me” lol - but for the sake of the performance it was a good song choice that related well to Catie's journey on the show ❤️ 

5. “Firework” with Leah Marlene - so glad she got to sing this iconic gay anthem and also heal her inner child with the clip at the beginning + her dad playing the guitar! the chemistry was lacking compared to the performances above it imo, but still - such a fun and heartwarming performance.

6. “What Makes a Woman” with Jack Blocker - this performance had the least chemistry since most of the focus was on Katy and her dress, which took away from the performance. it also doesn’t help that “What Makes a Woman” is a random deep cut.

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