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If our Top 24 was cast on NBC The Voice S25, whose team would they be on ?


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I'll start

Hailey Mia, D+S  

Jordan Anthony, Chance

Jayna Elise Brown, Chance

Julia Gagnon, John

Kayko, D+S

Nya Muchai-Kinya, Chance 

Blake Proehl, either D+S or Reba 

Abi Carter, either John or D+S 

Quintavious Johnson, Reba

K.B. Richins, D+S

Will Moseley, Reba 

McKenna Breinholt, D+S


Odell Bunton Jr., John

Elleigh Francom, Chance 

Mackenzie Sol, D+S 

Jennifer Jeffries, Reba

Emmy Russell, Reba 

Ajii, Chance

Kennedy Reid, Reba 

K-Blocks, Chance 

Mia Makana Matthews, D+S 

Roman Collins, John

Jack Blocker, D+S 

Triston Harper, Reba 



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