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Qorey's Top 100 Songs of 1991


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#88  Every Heartbeat - Amy Grant: Kinda like this one but I do prefer "Baby Baby."


#87  Enter Sandman - Metallica: Not really my kind of music and I didn't care for this for so long. But this is a song that's grown on me over the years. I do like the chorus.


#82  Running Back To You - Vanessa Williams: I listened to this song recently somewhere else and really liked this. Need to listen to this more as it could be a song I could love. 


#76  Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody - Kid 'N Play: Really like this song a lot. It's such a fun and catchy jam. :bobo: 


#75  Black Or White - Michael Jackson: Iconic song + video. Love this song and it's so fun. :bobo: 

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- Love "Someday." ❤️ Though I do prefer "Emotions" but happy to see both Mariah songs make it here.
- Really like " Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" a lot. Though I'm mostly familiar with this song through the T.I. "Why You Wanna" song, which sampled this.

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