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Qorey's Top 100 Songs of 1991


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These are my Top 100 songs of 1991. I considered only songs that appeared on one of these charts: Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Mainstream Rock, Billboard Modern Rock, RPM Top 100 (Canada), and The MuchMusic Countdown, and had their first debut on one of these charts between December 1 1990 and November 30, 1991.

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I'll try to catch up on the '91 round as much as I can here. :haha: 



I really love "Emotions." :wub: Not sure where it ranks amongst my favorites from Mariah though. Ugh still mad at how robbed this got in the 91 round of the songs game.  :( 

I did not know Goo Goo Dolls were making music back in 1991. But this is a cool song that would need to grow on me.

Aww I'm not too familiar with that Tracie Spencer song but know she was making music when she was really young. Didn't know she was in the scene back in '91. Aww she was such a baby here. :haha: ❤️ This is really cute and fun. 

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