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Paula Abdul Sues 'American Idol' Exec Nigel Lythgoe for Multiple Sexual Assaults

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"Paula filed the lawsuit Friday in L.A. County ... and in the docs, obtained by TMZ, she alleges the first assault happened during "one of Idol's initial seasons" while they were on the road for regional auditions. Paula claims she and Lythgoe got into an elevator at their hotel, and once the doors closed he shoved her against the wall and grabbed her genitals and breasts ... and tried to tongue-kiss her.


In the suit, Paula says she tried to push him away, and then ran to her room once the elevator doors opened. Paula says she immediately called one of her reps to inform them about the alleged incident -- but fearing she'd be fired in retaliation, she decided to keep quiet." :whut:


"She says the second alleged encounter happened after she signed a new contract in 2015 to be a judge on 'SYTYCD' -- which was also executive produced by Lythgoe. According to the docs, at some point during her 2 seasons on the show, Lythgoe invited Paula to his house to discuss work opportunities ... and she says she accepted because she thought it was a professional situation.



However, she claims the evening ended with Lythgoe forcing himself on top of her while she was on a couch ... and trying to kiss her. In the suit, she says he was telling her they would make an "excellent power couple." Paula says she pushed him off of her, said she was not interested and immediately left.

Paula alleges there was another instance during her 'SYTYCD' that happened in 2015 -- she claims she witnessed Lythgoe grope one of her assistants.


there's more here  https://www.tmz.com/2023/12/29/paula-abdul-lawsuit-nigel-lythgoe-sexual-assault-american-idol-so-you-think-you-can-dance/?adid=social-tw



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