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Which Coaches are the best pitchers, according to maths?


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My favourite part of the Voice has always been the blind auditions and seeing the coaches pitch their hardest to convince artists to join their time. So it got me thinking - which coaches have been most successful at this?

I did some calculations and found out that Alicia Keys was statistically the most convincing coach - she turned her chair a total of 63 times on her tenure (not including any blocked turns) and secured 36 artists, giving her an impressive 'convincing ratio' of 1.750.

On the other end of the spectrum is Gwen Stefani, who is statistically the least convincing coach. Not including Season 24, she has turned her chair a total of 203 times and secured just 74 artists, which gives a 'convincing ratio' of 2.743, even lower than CeeLo Green and Shakira's poor scores of 2.688 and 2.667 respectively.

Of the coaches who will be on Season 24, using the data, John Legend will convince more artists than Niall Horan who will convince more artists than Gwen Stefani. Since Reba McEntire is new, we don't know how she will fair, but I would guess somewhere between Niall and Gwen; just going off the premiere episode she appears a little trigger happy, but she would have to press her button a total of 39 times in order to fair more poorly than Gwen. This is unlikely given that in Season 22, the only other season where the teams were filled by 14 contestants, Gwen pressed her button 36 times; I don't think Reba will press more than that, especially given that she will likely find it easier to convince people.

Do you guys think the data matches with the actual pitching of the coaches? Were Alicia's pitches significantly better than Gwen's in Season 12, for instance? Do contestants just gravitate to bigger names? Or are some coaches simply more trigger happy than others, which throws off their average even if their pitching is good? I'd love to discuss this!


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