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Rank The 4th Placers


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Not including S1 since we don't know who was 3rd/4th... (even though I'm pretty sure it was 3. Vicci and 4. Beverly)


1. Kennedy Holmes (ooh but this is hard, I gave it to Kennedy based on her dancing skills too, but the top 2 are both fabulous)

2. Koryn Hawthorne

3. Jeffery Austin

4. DeSz (tough call between her and Rose, but I don't think Rose had quite a good performance as Don't Let Go)

5. Rose Short

6. Omar Jose Cardona




7. Laith Al Saadi

8. Chris Mann

9. CammWess

10. Red Marlow

11. Jesse Larson

12. Andrew Sevener

13. Damien

14. Spensha Baker

15. Hailey Mia (was not a fan, sorry)

16. Josh Gallagher

17. Rachel Mac

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