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Kenedi gone?


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Well...her TikTok still says she's on the show and she posted just yesterday...plus she commented on an American Idol post today...she even posted something American Idol related yesterday on Instagram...so, it's entirely speculative...but it's odd American Idol itself hasn't posted anything of her for the last 2 days...

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Evidence Supporting Kenedi Quitting:

- Kenedi's duet performance, Top 59 performance, and Top 24 advancement are all no where to be seen on ANY Idol social medias.

- Kenedi did not get a video/boomerang on Idol's instagram story for making the Top 24 (when literally everyone else got one)

- Kenedi has not posted that she made Top 24 yet. She also did not post about Top 59 whatsoever.


Evidence Against Kenedi Quitting:

- She is still actively commenting on Idol/Top 24 related posts.

- She did post about her duet round performance, which was only 2 days ago. 


Will update with more as time passes. Even if shes not quitting, whatever is going on here is weird.

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