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Top 5 performances of 2021

erik g

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1.) Wendy Moten- Over the Rainbow

2.) Cam Anthony- Stand Up

3.) Pia Renee- What the World Needs Now Is Love

4.) Wendy Moten- Aint No Way

5.) Jershika Maple- Inseparable


HM (in no specific order)

Shadale- Impossible
Lana Scott- Wildest Dreams 

Anna Grace- If I Die Young

Gihanna Zoe- Glitter in the Air

Rachel Mac- Rainbow

Cam Anthony- Feeling Good

Holly Forbes- Superstar

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1 Joshua Vacanti- Ashes

2 Dana Monique- Free Your Mind

3 Paris Winningham- I Wish It Would Rain

4 Gymani- Say Somthing

5 Pia Renee- Need U Bad



Raine Stern- Electric Feel

Holly Forbes- Alone

Jershika Maples- God only Knows

Jim And Sasha- Home

Gihanna Zoe- Reflection 


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