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Berritt Haynes Fan Thread


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Hi y’all… I can’t believe it’s been EXACTLY 1 YEAR AGO TODAY, when Berritt’s Knockout performance of John Michael Montgomery’s “I Swear” (and, unfortunately, his third montaged The Voice performance in a row 😭😭😭) aired on The Voice Season 21 on NBC!! 💙🎶


I remember that day was also a VERY VERY VERY sad day for me, because B was eliminated in the Knockouts of The Voice, and it left me very very upset and disappointed over not being able to hear a performance of Berritt’s on The Voice in full. But that moment, along with my tears and disappointment, did not stop me from being supportive, because I continued to support my friends on and off the show, no matter what. 💙 Now, I am SO SO excited for what’s to come for B, and I can’t wait to hear more of his music when it releases (hopefully soon)!! 💙🎶

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