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I Can See Your Voice South Korea Season 8

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 I Can See Your Voice South Korea Season 8



Hosted by    
Kim Jong-kook
Leeteuk (Super Junior)
Yoo Se-yoon



Format is a little different this season


There are six individuals or groups of mystery singers standing on the platform with its aliases to keep their identities concealed until stage of truth performance.


Round 1: Singer's visual
The guest artist is given some time to observe and examine each mystery singer based on their appearance. After this, the host is given three "keywords" depending on each mystery singer's identity.


Round 2: Singer's lip-sync
The mystery singer lip-syncs to the good singer's voice, then the bad singer's voice comes in the middle of the performance.


Round 3: Singer's verdict
The guest artist must pick one of three given keywords, giving an opportunity to interrogate to each mystery singer after detailing additional information about them, but with voices being distorted.

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this has been a good season, I like the way they are bringing the mystery singers right up in front of the celebrity guest on the moving stage. They are given 3 Keywords to work with that could apply to them


some of the performances ep 1 - Rain is the Guest Celeb





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