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Best/Worst Episodes of the Voice you´ve ever watched. Explain why.


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Could be blinds, battles, KOs, live shows, what you want.



  • S5 Top 12 (We got Matt Schuler´s famous Hallelujah performance, plus Caroline,Cole, Tessanne, Jackie, Kat and Will killed it. James also did a Killers song and did pretty good, so it´s a plus)
  • S8´s Playoffs Night 2 ( The Team Christina trifecta of Kimberly, India and Rob, plus Team Adam´s Joshua and Deanna. Not to mention that Brian Johnson delivered his best vocal of the competition)
  • S10´s finale (Alisan, Adam, Hannah and Laith were all great. Very competitive finale talent wise even though we knew who was going to win)
  • S13 blinds Episode 3 (We got Adam C, Davon, Noah, Moriah and Addison. All around great talents and auditions.)
  • S14 battles Episode 1 (Brynn vs Dylan, Rayshunn vs Tish, Christiana vs Shana, D.R vs Jackie were all aroud fantastic, the episode was especially welcome since S14´s blinds had been so weak)
  • S17 KO´s Episode 1 (The second hour of that season´s episode since the first was the remaining battles) ( Marina, Cali, Jake, Katie and Max all killed it. Great night of music)

Horonable Mentions:

  • S15 Episode 4 ( Chris Kroeze, Makenzie Thomas and SandyRedd did it for me)
  • S18 Playoffs ( I hated the fact that they weren´t live, but still, all around good performances to listen to)



  • S11 Top 11 (Trainwreck after trainwreck. Only liked Sundance, Brendan and Aaron that night)
  • S14 Playoffs Night 1 (That´s what happens when you put 24 whole performances in one night. Only Kyla, Pryor, Sharane, and Britton stood out to me. Reid was ok, but he chose the wrong song)
  • S16 Cross Battles Nights (This needs no explanation)

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I’m going to need help from Wikipedia for this one:



S5 KOs (Night 2) - Matthew vs Will is probably the strongest KO pairing ever, and Caroline and Jacquie’s KOs are some of my favorites as well.

S5 Top 12 - Absurdly strong night.


S8 KOs (Night 1) - Similar to S5 KOs, this time with Kim, Koryn, Mia, Sonic and Sawyer as standouts.


S9 KOs (Night 1): Amy, Jordan, Madi and Viktor’s KOs were all fantastic.


S10 Blinds (Night 1): Really stacked first episode.


S14, S15 and S19 playoffs

S11’s Top 11 and Top 10

S14’s Top 12, Top 11 and finale

All S16’s live episodes


These are all really bad. 


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