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Glee Performances Rankdown


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I was thinking we could do it separate



We are going to rank them all together

Write ups are not required but thoughts are well appreciated 

Some rounds might have an automatic  save

I need seven rankers to help rank them

All songs that were released will be up to be ranked 


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Season 1

On My Own by Rachel Berry

Can´t Fight This Feeling by Finn Hudson

Rehab by Vocal Adrenaline

Leavin´ On a Jet Plane by Will Schuester

Don´t Stop Believing by New Directions

Gold Digger by New Directions

Push It by New Directions

I Say a Little Prayer by Quinn, Santana, Brittany

Take a Bow by Rachel Berry

Mercy by Vocal Adrenaline

Bust Your Windows by Mercedes Jones

I Wanna Sex You Up by Acafellas

Taking Chances by Rachel Berry

Maybe This Time by April Rhodes and Rachel Berry

Alone by April Rhodes and Will Schuester

Last Name by New Directions

Somebody to Love by New Directions

It´s My Life/Confessions Part 2 by New Directions Guys

Walking On Sunshine/ Halo by New Direction Girls

Hate On Me by Sue´s Kids

No Air by Will´s Group

You Keep Me Hangin On by Quinn Fabray

Keep Holdin´ On by New Directions


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