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Let's dance Sweden

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Been following the Swedish version during lockdown. A Swedish guy appears to be doing reaction videos to it and has footage of the dance on YouTube. Worth a watch if you're bored.



Looks like their show has been a bit of a disaster this year, mostly due to the virus. 3 contestants had withdrawn by the 2nd episode due to COVID - one was 83 so it wouldn't have been safe for her to complete (probably for the best - without sounding ageist, can you imagine her routines?), one was a TV doctor so wanted to focus on his doctor duties and I believe that the 3rd one showed symptoms or something like that which led to the 2nd episode being postponed and he eventually pulled out.


They had a same-sex male pairing with a ringer celeb and yet they were 2nd eliminated. Now the show is going into Week 5 of the competition and only 5 celebs are left, that means the show will be 8 weeks max. Casting was a total fail this time around - 8 of the 11 initial contestants were over the age of 40 and of the younger ones, one is a ringery type singer (John Lundvik from Eurovision 2019) and will probably win whilst the others appeared to be media personalities/bloggers - why cast two of the same age in the same season??


I think that this is an example as to why it might be a good idea to rest SCD & DWTS for this year, a half-baked season like this just won't work.


From watching past seasons, the show looks pretty cool although they stopped uploading most dances onto YouTube after the 2017 series. One of the pros (Cecilia Ehrling) has won 4 times despite not having a celeb that is young, ringery or good looking since 2010! Best celebs appear to be Anton Hysén & Benjamin Ingrosso, both of whom won and danced with Sigrid Bernson who subsequently became a singer and was one of the people who competed at Melodifestivalen to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2018 although she was unsuccessful and lost to Benjamin Ingrosso himself! Small world.


On the plus side, they always seem to get a relatively high profile cast (except this season) unlike SCD which is beginning to attract a few Z-Listers, particularly last year which was appalling for casting.

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