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¿Who´s getting bussed and pimped next Monday?


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I already asked this question in a thread, but it kinda got lost in it. 

Who do you think is getting bussed next Monday in the Playoffs? (Upbeat number, bad song choice, etc), and who do you think will get pimped (Closing spot for their team, great song choice for him/her)



Bussed: Joei (The easiest target, Minivan is mad about Levi, so TPTB just needs to give her a Faith Hill or Carrie song and while she may kill it, I doubt it will be enough)

Pimped: Toneisha (She´s probably gonna need it, cause Todd T. is a lock no matter what, and TPTB has leaked two of her performances, and gave her two pimp spots already, they´re gonna push her)



Bussed: Roderick (He´s not really needed in Team Nick anymore since he´s got two frontrunners now. Arei might be a target but she seems the type of contestant that can handle anything they throw at her, sadly still, she´s against Thunderstorm and Allegra.  She´s going for the WC)

Pimped: Thunderstorm (They are probably gonna let him perform just with his guitar, which is all he needs tbh)



Bussed: Mandi T. (Montaged, the audience is not into her, they are gonna give her something upbeat)

Pimped: Megan ( Kelly´s frontrunner, they are gonna hit her with some country that´s in her league, and the votes will pour in)



Bussed: Mike ( He has declined from his blind, and he has been overshadowed by CammWess, who is on a similar lane. He´s dead weight unless he suddenly decides to sing like his blind.)

Pimped: Mandi ( TPTB knows John loves her, and they will try to keep him happy by giving her a song that fits her. Still, she´s not getting the PV)


PD: The Recap shows, as useless as they are, can be good sometimes to predict which contestants are gonna be pimped and bussed later. (Depending on the importance they give them on the recap)

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