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DeAnna Johnson Fan Thread


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#DeAngels #TeamDeAnna #CoversGirl #TeamAdam #LegsForMiles #Top10

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Meet DeAnna:

Welcome to the DeAnna Johnson Fan Thread! She originally auditioned in the final slots of Season 5 singing "Stars" by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, turning no chairs with only two coaches remaining (Blake and Ceelo). This time has proved to be much different, as she turned all 4 chairs and chose Adam to be her coach, singing "All I Want" by Kodaline. She advanced to the top 10 before being eliminated, but this is only the beginning of her career.

You can visit her official website here for more on DeAnna. You can visit her awesome fan site, created by IndieFolkFan on IDF, here. Many of DeAnna's The Voice videos are no longer hosted by YouTube so go there for the full effect.

Check out DeAnna's erstwhile Wikipedia entry HERE.


Website Bio: Deanna is no stranger to The Voice stage. Devastated after no chairs turned for her in Season 5, she returned home to Georgia and took some time off from singing. It wasn't until her biggest supporter, her father, asked her to sing at church services that she realized how much she missed it. After a lot of hard work, Deanna is giving The Voice another shot.

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DeAnna's Music:

DeAnna Video Montage:

Other Voice Performances:
| Battle Rounds Montage | Knockouts | Live Playoffs |
| Top 12 | Top 12 Instant Save | Top 10 | Top 10 Instant Save |

Voice Studio Recordings:
| All I Want | Love Me Like You Do (feat. Nicolette Maré) | Listen to Your Heart |
| Down to the River to Pray | Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) | Somebody To Love |

DeAnna's YouTube Covers:

| Like I Can |

Live Performances & Other Covers:


DeAnna's Fans:

Post below if you would like to be added!
1] Ryan.
2] mjdolorico
3] abouttoexplode
4] istersay
5] cosem
6] Naira
7] dfn2603
8] Survivor
9] kclarkson1323
10] iamacetig
11] Soreneraya
12] LeAnne2149
13] Drew1903
14] BlueSkittle
15] guitarman8484
16] Shuriken
17] fitzcarldo
18] starkguy
19] Redenator
20] lizz
21] mockinge
22] Alessa
23] Javier_Montero
24] cookiecatcher
25] nursekris
26] JeremyxD
27] Milkitaaa
28] Spurrious
29] monkshood
30] Lillie48
31] nco
32] Jwhite0316
33] tebanpotato
34] TennisMenace
35] silversauce
36] SimplyAlex
37] yummycandy
38] Jamesr256
39] BrokenHearted
40] Stacey.
41] WastedinMemphis
42] sw5110
43] Vinyl
45] hazuki
46] MissM
47] rhorick
48] AngelOfMusic8908
49] season1
50] Walker359718
51] Kert
52] soundofarrows
53] h01m08k93
54] Carny29
55] corsair
56] ElleMusic78
57] IndieFolkFan
58] Weirdoo
59] Kaito
60] Sharkman
61] thevoice47
62] thevoicefan45
63] TeamB
64] dmd152
65] Starman1

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What can you do.  The original DeAnna thread is gone but all the videos, photos, MP3s, and other stuff is still available at https://CoversGirl.com


(sad face)


(happy face)

PS: And much thanks to @istersay for recovering and recreating the top of the thread. That kind of effort is deeply appreciated.

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Forgot to say thanks to istersay
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Since this season hasn't turned into an Emmy-winner, might as well make up my own fantasy scenario.  The excellent Miss USA instagrammer Lucas Sigarini posted in March with the decree that DeAnna not getting crowned was "One of the biggest robberies in the history of pageantry".   He does have a point.




No doubt that she was robbed on The Voice as well.  Everyone seems to have missed that DeAnna was doing crazy overtone singing in certain spots during her performances. Overtone singing is essentially harmonizing with yourself without doing overdubs.  By training your vocal chords a singer can create extra harmonics that can create some unique tones, which DeAnna clearly had.


She also had crazy phrasing, which sometimes sounded like an Irish or English singer, and she used melisma on certain words to make them sound alien. And the one time she did country on the show, her vocal breaks (or tasteful yodeling) was the equal of anything that Patsy Cline or Linda Ronstadt could pull off live.


And the story was that she was going to do Cher before getting cut, and was probably going to attempt the infamous Cher autotuned break without the benefit of autotuning. 


The fantasy is that she won The Voice, then Miss USA in May, and then the next day came back on The Voice to sing during that season's finale. That would have won an Emmy on the spot.



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The Cunningham Sisters gave the challenging song Oceans a go this last week. The adoreable younger sis has a DeAnna-like tone in her voice.


Here is DeAnna's cover of Oceans from S8:


And her longer studio version, in which the first half of the song finds her climbing the scale in a breathtaking way IMO.


If DeAnna does her annual Halloween costume, will post it 👻


Here you go !



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