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  1. After watching the auditions again on youtube... And I know it's a controversial list, but it's to my personal taste..

    1 Tyler Green - Love her tone. Very warm.

    Joanna Serenko - Love her tone too, I expected a little more, but I really liked it anyway.

    Megan Danielle - Don't know why nobody liked her audition, but I personally liked it very much. Unique tone and a very nice vibrato. I feel that she has a lot of potential to improve, and can go far in the competition.

    Todd Michael Hall - Crazy range.

    Todd Tilghman - Cool tone, good audition.

    Darious Lyles - Just OK. 

    Nelson Cade III - Mediocre audition, didn't deserve a 4 chair turn. Cool rasp tho.

    Tate Brusa - Mediocre. I didn't hear anything interesting in his voice.

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