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  1. She's standing with the opener from Lafayette and the concession stand in the background looks like the one there, so I'm guess it's from the show on October 28th.
  2. Something I would add about Scotty's set list, I would have loved to hear How Ya Doin' Up There included. I was also really hoping he would add his cover of Travis Tritt's Anymore. He did it at the Ryman virtual concert last year and I loved, loved, loved it.
  3. It was awesome, but I don't see any of the Same Truck Tour dates close to me. I'm hoping he'll fit in some other dates near here.
  4. I was at this show and had such a wonderful time! It's so great to see Scotty live again and you could tell he was really enjoying it too. Damn Strait got really loud and long applause; it's really going to be a big hit for him. Lots of "dancers" in the aisles including an old guy with a beer dancing back and forth from the stage but not too obnoxiously. The sound mix was good at this show and didn't drown out Scotty's voice - too often that's been the case in the smaller venues. Loved seeing him again! I haven't commented on here much lately, but I do follow Deb's posts daily and try to keep up with social media. Still a dedicated Scotty fan and can't wait for him to swing by this area again.
  5. I heard YT on our local country radio station (not a Mediabase station unfortunately). Later I heard TII. Both times shortly after I jumped in the car to run errands. Nice to hear Scotty on the local station. It was the first time hearing YT on the radio.
  6. Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is able to enjoy the day.
  8. So great to see #1!!! Love it for Scotty and his team!
  9. Wow!! I was preparing myself for IB to stall at #3 or #2. Love to see that #1!! Such great - much needed - good news!!!
  10. It was so great to hear Scotty sing Long Black Train again!!
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